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1938 Hall of Fame Results

By Patrick Mondout

The player who received the most votes the previous year without getting the necessary 75% was, not surprisingly, voted in during the 1938 voting. The surprise was that no one else made the cut. Only Grover Cleveland 'Pete' Alexander received enough support from the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Voting by Year

George Sisler, who finished seventh in '37, passed Wee Willie Keeler and Eddie Collins for second and was seen as the front runner for 1939. Alexander Cartwright and Henry Chadwick were added by the "Centennial Committee" (Landis, Frick and Harridge; see 1937).

Cartwright is credited with creating the first set of written rules for baseball in 1845. That he, and not Abner Doubleday, was honored shows that even as the museum was being built in Cooperstown, New York, baseball gave little more than lip service to the Doubleday Myth.

Chadwick never believed the myth, though without his prodding, it might never have been invented. It was the disagreement among friends between Chadwick and Albert Spalding about whether or not baseball evolved from British games or was purely and American sport that led the latter to form a special commission whose task it was to find a plausible way of proving baseball was American.

Chadwick is credited with devising the first baseball box score and was covering the sport as a writer as early as 1860. He was known in later years as the "Father of Baseball." Not bad for a lad from Exeter, England.

Votes by members of the BBWAA were tabulated by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. At least 197 votes were needed to be elected. (Winners in bold.)

Grover Alexander 212 80.9% P 3rd
George Sisler 179 68.3% P 3rd
Willie Keeler 177 67.6% P 4th
Eddie Collins 175 66.8% P 3rd
Rube Waddell 148 56.5% P 3rd
Frank Chance 133 50.8% P 3rd
Ed Delahanty 132 50.4% P 4th
Ed Walsh 110 42.0% P 3rd
Johnny Evers 91 34.7% P 3rd
Jimmy Collins 79 30.2% P 4th
Rabbit Maranville 73 27.9% P 2nd
Roger Bresnahan 67 25.6% P 3rd
Fred Clarke 63 24.0% P 4th
Mordecai Brown 54 20.6% P 3rd
Miller Huggins 48 18.3% M 2nd
Rogers Hornsby 46 17.6% P 3rd
Ray Schalk 45 17.2% P 3rd
Ross Youngs 40 15.3% P 3rd
Eddie Plank 38 14.5% P 2nd
Herb Pennock 37 14.1% P 2nd
Joe McGinnity 36 13.7% P 2nd
Chief Bender 33 12.6% P 3rd
Frank Baker 32 12.2% P 3rd
Johnny Kling 26 9.9% P 3rd
Hugh Duffy 24 9.2% P 3rd
Hughie Jennings 23 8.8% P 3rd
Addie Joss 18 6.9% P 2nd
Wilbert Robinson 17 6.5% M 3rd
Joe Tinker 16 6.1% P 2nd
Harry Heilmann 14 5.3% P 2nd
Nap Rucker 12 4.6% P 3rd
Babe Adams 11 4.2% P 2nd
Sam Crawford 11 4.2% P 3rd
Lou Criger 11 4.2% P 4th
Clark Griffith 10 3.8% P/E 2nd
Rube Marquard 10 3.8% P 3rd
Dazzy Vance 10 3.8% P 3rd
Edd Roush 9 3.4% P 3rd
Hank Gowdy 8 3.1% P 2nd
Amos Rusie 8 3.1% P 3rd
Fred Tenney 8 3.1% P 3rd
Nick Altrock 7 2.7% P 2nd
Jimmy Archer 7 2.7% P 2nd
Earle Combs 7 2.7% P 2nd
Bill Terry 7 2.7% P 2nd
Bobby Wallace 7 2.7% P 3rd
Zack Wheat 7 2.7% P 2nd
Max Carey 6 2.3% P 2nd
Joe Wood 6 2.3% P 2nd
Mike Donlin 5 1.9% P 2nd
Duffy Lewis 5 1.9% P 2nd
Art Nehf 5 1.9% P 2nd
Bill Carrigan 4 1.5% P 2nd
Bill Dineen 4 1.5% P 1st
Larry Doyle 4 1.5% P 2nd
Harry Hooper 4 1.5% P 2nd
Stuffy McInnis 4 1.5% P 2nd
Jack Barry 3 1.1% P 1st
George Burns 3 1.1% P 2nd
Art Fletcher 3 1.1% P 2nd
Heinie Groh 3 1.1% P 2nd
Dickie Kerr 3 1.1% P 2nd
Kid Nichols 3 1.1% P 2nd
Pie Traynor 3 1.1% P 2nd
Dave Bancroft 2 0.8% P 2nd
Bill Bradley 2 0.8% P 3rd
Jesse Burkett 2 0.8% P 3rd
Jack Chesbro 2 0.8% P 2nd
Jack Coombs 2 0.8% P 2nd
Gavvy Cravath 2 0.8% P 2nd
Kid Elberfeld 2 0.8% P 3rd
Eddie Foster 2 0.8% P 1st
Joe Judge 2 0.8% P 2nd
Sherry Magee 2 0.8% P 2nd
Roger Peckinpaugh 2 0.8% P 2nd
Eppa Rixey 2 0.8% P 2nd
Ossee Schreckengost 2 0.8% P 2nd
Everett Scott 2 0.8% P 2nd
Casey Stengel 2 0.8% M 1st
Ginger Beaumont 1 0.4% P 1st
Marty Bergen 1 0.4% P 2nd
Ray Chapman 1 0.4% P 1st
Andy Coakley 1 0.4% P 1st
Wilbur Cooper 1 0.4% P 1st
Stan Coveleski 1 0.4% P 1st
Doc Crandall 1 0.4% P 1st
Walton Cruise 1 0.4% P 1st
Bill Dahlen 1 0.4% P 2nd
Jake Daubert 1 0.4% P 4th
Bill Donovan 1 0.4% P 2nd
Red Dooin 1 0.4% P 2nd
Joe Dugan 1 0.4% P 2nd
Howard Ehmke 1 0.4% P 1st
Red Faber 1 0.4% P 2nd
Elmer Flick 1 0.4% P 1st
Kid Gleason 1 0.4% P 2nd
Eddie Grant 1 0.4% P 1st
Burleigh Grimes 1 0.4% P 2nd
Bucky Harris 1 0.4% M 1st
Buck Herzog 1 0.4% P 1st
Charlie Irwin 1 0.4% P 1st
Fielder Jones 1 0.4% P 1st
Arlie Latham 1 0.4% P 2nd
Hans Lobert 1 0.4% P 2nd
Herman Long 1 0.4% P 3rd
Dolf Luque 1 0.4% P 2nd
Firpo Marberry 1 0.4% P 1st
Bob Meusel 1 0.4% P 2nd
Clyde Milan 1 0.4% P 1st
Pat Moran 1 0.4% P 2nd
Red Murray 1 0.4% P 2nd
Hub Perdue 1 0.4% P 1st
Sam Rice 1 0.4% P 1st
Jimmy Sheckard 1 0.4% P 1st
Urban Shocker 1 0.4% P 1st
Jake Stahl 1 0.4% P 1st
Gabby Street 1 0.4% P 2nd
Ira Thomas 1 0.4% P 1st
Cy Williams 1 0.4% P 1st
Chief Zimmer 1 0.4% P 1st

Source: National Baseball Hall of Fame. Special thanks to Keith Hemmelman for compiling the data.

Hall of Fame References

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A Legend for the Legendary: The Origin of the Baseball Hall of Fame by James A. Vlasich
The Politics Of Glory, How Baseball Hall Of Fame Really Works by Bill James
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Out by a Step: The 100 Best Players Not in the Baseball Hall of Fame
by Mike Shalin
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by John Thorn, et al.
2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia by Gary Gillette (Editor), Pete Palmer (Editor).

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--Patrick Mondout



'Pete' Alexander won three pitcher's triple crowns and 373 games.

Photo Courtesy Library of Congress

Total ballots cast: 262

Ballots necessary for election: 197

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