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When I came back from a stint in Japan, I became the first Major Leaguer in over a decade to hit at least 50 home runs in a season.

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Our Sports Photographers

By Patrick Mondout

They say a picture says a 1000 words. As it relates to our Web sites, we think that is especially true of sports.  We are honored to feature sports photography from some of the best freelancers in the business - especially in on While we wish we had another 20,000 or so photos to work with, we are very proud of our contemporary collection. If you see sports photograph here on our sites that you would like to license, use the Contact link (above-right) and let us know. Here is a little bit about the photographers:

Lou Sauritch

Mr. Sauritch's sports photography career began in 1976 in Southern California, taking shots of the California Angels. He became of one baseball card manufacturer Fleer's first photographers after responding to an ad in 1980. His photographs appeared on countless cards (including Upper Deck) from 1981 to 2003. His images have been featured in over 50 printed publications.

AL Gold Glovers

Many of Fleer's "Super Star Specials" cards were photographed by Lou. This one didn't make the cut, even though this pair won every American League Gold Glove awarded between 1977-1987.

Mike Ponzini

Mr. Ponzini's career started just after Fleer's first set and his work has been seen on countless Topps, Bowman, and O-Pee-Chee cards as well as publications such as Inside Baseball, The Sporting News, and the various Beckett publications. You will also find his work in countless baseball books from the past twenty years.


Mike's eye for detail is amazing. What a beautiful shot of the Brewers' Teddy Higuera!

Greg Jessen

Mr. Jessen was the team photographer for Arizona Cardinals  in the early Virtual90s and also produced the Phoenix Roadrunners minor league card sets in the 1990s. His photos were used in card sets from Pro Set, Upper Deck, Topps and Fleer and have also appeared in Sports Illustrated, team yearbooks and other publications.

Arthur Rickerby

Art Rickerby tooks some of the most well known images of the 50s through the early 70s for Life magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Acme News pictures. Among the better known of his photos are the Japanese surrender photo aboard the USS Missouri, the one of Don Larsen's last pitch of his perfect game in the '56 World Series, and the pictures of the President and Mrs. Kennedy in Dallas just before his assassination. Arthur Rickerby died in Newtown, Connecticut in 1972. His last assignment for Life was related to the return of Willie Mays to New York in 1972. You can learn more about this award-winning photographer at John Rogers' site.

Sharpshooters, Legends in Time, etc.

We also have purchased slides from the archives of Baseball Today Magazine including photos by Owen Smith and Glen Trout, from Legends in Time including photos from Bryan Yablonski, and Rob Tringali, Jr., and Sharpshooters slides by Morris Fostoff.

Most of the slides were obtained from John Rogers, who purchased several collections of baseball slides. I'd like to thank him for working with me for over a year to help me get the slides I needed for this site.

My Nikon Coolscan IV is not the world's greatest slide scanner. (Lesson learned? Always spend the extra $500 where image quality is concerned). If you seen an image with serious contrast problems, blame me and not the photographer!

We are honored to feature over 30 years of their best pictures and hope you enjoy reliving cherished memories through though their timeless images!




Orel mows 'em down!

Photo by Lou Sauritch

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