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"Baseball becomes dull only to those with dull minds. Today's game is always different from yesterday's game."
--Red Smith

Draft by Year

All-Time #1 Overall Major League Draft Picks

By Patrick Mondout

Here are the #1 overall picks of each draft. Click on the year below to see the entire first round of that draft. We also have a list of players who skipped the minors after being drafted and late round gems.

Year Player Pos Team School Signing Bonus
1965 Rick Monday OF Athletics Arizona State University $104,000
1966 Steve Chilcott C Mets Lancaster, CA $75,000
1967 Ron Blomberg 1B Yankees Atlanta, GA $65,000
1968 Tim Foli SS Mets Canoga Park, CA $74,000
1969 Jeff Burroughs OF Senators Long Beach, CA $88,000
1970 Mike Ivie C Padres Decatur, GA $75,000
1971 Danny Goodwin C White Sox Peoria, IL (Didn't sign)
1972 Dave Roberts 3B Padres University of Oregon $70,000
1973 David Clyde LHP Rangers Houston, TX $125,000
1974 Bill Almon SS Padres Brown University $90,000
1975 Danny Goodwin C Angels Southern University $125,000
1976 Floyd Bannister LHP Astros Arizona State University $100,000
1977 Harold Baines OF White Sox St. Michaels, MD $32,000
1978 Bob Horner 3B White Sox Arizona State University $175,000
1979 Al Chambers OF Mariners Harrisburg, Pennsylvania $60,000
1980 Darryl Strawberry OF Mets Los Angeles, CA $152,500
1981 Mike Moore RHP Mariners Oral Roberts University $100,000
1982 Shawon Dunston SS Cubs Brooklyn, NY $135,000
1983 Tim Belcher RHP Twins Mt. Vernon Nazarene Col (Didn't sign)
1984 Shawn Abner OF Mets Mechanicsburg, PA $150,000
1985 B.J. Surhoff C Brewers University of North Carolina $150,000
1986 Jeff King 3B Pirates University of Arkansas $160,000
1987 Ken Griffey, Jr. OF Mariners Cincinnati, OH $169,000
1988 Andy Benes RHP Padres University of Evansville $235,000
1989 Ben McDonald RHP Orioles Louisiana State University $350,000
1990 Chipper Jones SS Braves Pierson, Florida $275,000
1991 Brien Taylor LHP Yankees Beaufort, North Carolina $1,550,000
1992 Phil Nevin 3B Astros Cal State Fullerton $750,000
1993 Alex Rodriguez SS Mariners Miami, Florida $1,000,000
1994 Paul Wilson RHP Mets Florida State University $1,550,000
1995 Darin Erstad OF Angels University of Nebraska $1,575,000
1996 Kris Benson RHP Pirates Clemson University $2,000,000
1997 Matt Anderson RHP Tigers Rice University $2,500,000
1998 Pat Burrell 1B Phillies University of Miami $3,015,000
1999 Josh Hamilton OF Devil Rays Raleigh, North Carolina $3,960,000
2000 Adrian Gonzalez 1B Marlins Chula Vista, California $3,000,000
2001 Joe Mauer C Twins St. Cretin-Derham Hall High School $5,150,000
2002 Bryan Bullington RHP Pirates Ball State University $4,000,000
2003 Delmon Young OF Devil Rays Camirillo High School, California $3,700,000
2004 Matt Bush SS Padres Mission Bay High School, El Cajon, California $3,150,000
2005 Justin Upton SS Diamondbacks Great Bridge High School, Chesapeake, Virginia $6,100,000

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--Patrick Mondout



Brien Taylor was the second coming of Dwight Gooden, until a fight ended his career in Single A.

Photo by Lou Sauritch, 2006

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