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"Throwing people out of a game is like learning to ride a bicycle--once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun."
--Ron Luciano, MLB umpire


Officially Licensed MLB Broadcast Audio Cassettes

By Patrick Mondout

[Editor's note: For those in a hurry, I'll get straight to the point: I've found a source for officially licensed Major League Baseball broadcast audio cassettes. You can read the list of available games or you can go to eBay and start making purchases. Or you can read a little about both the tapes and my discovery of them by continuing on to the next paragraph.]

I have used eBay for years to find items that would help me in the creation of my websites or just fulfill my own nostalgic needs for my own personal collection. I've made several sellers rich with my purchases, but one item alluded me. For years I searched in vain for a 1970s recording of Vin Scully calling a Dodgers game. (More on why Scully in the 70s later.)

While it wasn't hard to find old albums or videotapes of Dodger highlights featuring Scully, there are a number of reasons why I never found a broadcast. First, there aren't actually that many people who recorded the games. Second—and this is the important one—, it would actually be illegal to sell tapes of copyrighted broadcasts. Nevertheless, I kept searching just in case.

Then about a month ago, I hit the jackpot. Not only did this eBay seller have audio cassettes of Vin Scully broadcasting games in the Super70s, he had tapes of just about every well-known broadcasting team—and quite a few obscure ones—dating back to the 1930s! Best of all these were tapes were official licensed by Major League Baseball, so you know it had to be a quality product.

Knowing that visitors would be interested in these tapes, I contacted the seller to find out more information about his business. I wanted to promote them here, but I also wanted to assure myself of the quality of the product before doing so.

The gentleman's name is Charlie and his company is Danrick Enterprises, LLC. He has been at this for a while and some of you may have already purchased from him in the past. Dating back to the early 90s, Charlie has been listed with the National Baseball Hall of Fame as an expert in broadcast recordings. He knows what he's doing and possesses an amazing audio archive of the National Pastime and we are all the richer for his sharing of it at very reasonable prices.

As a boy growing up in pre-Diamondbacks Arizona, I listened to the only games that were available to me. Those were KTAR-Phoenix simulcasts of L.A. Dodger games. Though I am a Giants fan, I feel nostalgic for them now. So I asked Charlie for a 1976 game featuring the defending champion Reds and the Dodgers.

Two individually boxed cassettes arrived a few days later featuring the game of September 26, 1976. I have a tape player in my car and an old "boom box" that can play them, but what I really wanted to do was to play them on my MP3 player. I converted all my albums and tapes over to MP3s in the late 1990s, so it was easy. All I did was connect my inexpensive little boom-box to the "line-in" on my PC and recorded it using freely the freely available Audacity software. I left all this running in the background in Windows while I was working on this article, so it really took no time at all. 

Above: The pair of tapes from Charlie, a patch cable, a cheap boom box, and my Willie Horton jersey.

Below: Plugging the patch cable into the "headphone" jack on the boom box and the "line in" jack on my Dell PC.

I listened to the first three innings while continuing to create this page. Ironically enough the tapes were a KTAR-Phoenix recording! Even some of the commercials were memorable.

Listening to a master like Vin Scully is always a treat, but especially so on a vintage tape from when he was in his prime.

There is a sequence in the bottom of the third where he talks about Steve Garvey needing just seven hits for a 200 hit season, calls the action when Pete Rose prevents a Garvey extra-base hit with a great play, seamlessly works in a plug for Union 76 gas stations, and then describes how remarkable Rose is and mentions that he just earned his eighth 200 hit season. It's a forty-five second snapshot of a master at work that was repeated perhaps a thousand times that year by Scully, but no one ever did his duties as a baseball announcer any better. My relentless search for vintage Scully was rewarding.

I could fill this page with all the thoughts that raced through my mind listening to these tapes this morning, but what you really want to know is about the quality. Well, I am happy to report that they are excellent. Not perfect of course, but if you want to listen to any of the games below don't hesitate: you aren't going to find a better copy in any case. (There is no way that a vintage recording like this is going to sound as good as last week's Mets versus Astros game on digital satellite radio. It just isn't going to happen.)

This is no different that Major League Baseball's own recent DVD releases of World Series games. The boxes themselves have the following disclaimer: "This historic program contains technical imperfections that are inherent in the original recordings. We have made every effort to correct them but unfortunately we were not able to fix them all. We hope you enjoy this great sports classic."

As with the DVDs, you could just fold your arms and say that you are going to wait until a pristine copy is made available. But since that is not going to happen, why not enjoy what is available to you? And while I am sure the quality varies from broadcast to broadcast with newer ones tending to sound better than older ones, the important thing is that they are both affordable and otherwise unavailable.

I'd rather listen to a mid-1970s broadcast on these tapes than a modern broadcast of any game this season. I may be in the minority, but I know I'm not alone. Who are you nostalgic for? Ernie Harwell and the Tigers? Charlie has them. A 1960s All-Star game that you attended? He's got those too. He also has World Series games from 1934 on, the famous "Shot Heard 'Round the World" playoff game in 1951, dozens of other postseason and playoff games, no-hitters, 300th wins, 3,000th hits, etc. The games were broadcast from such locations as Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Forbes Field, Crosley Field and Shibe Park. He even has a pair of games featuring the Seattle Pilots and a game featuring Harry Caray from his brief time working Oakland A's games in the early 70s. In short, Charlie has something for everyone.

Don't forget: We at list all the broadcasters by team and by year (here are all the 1965 broadcasters, for example).

List of Games

Charlie has over 2300 games and plans on having them all listed on eBay soon. The list below is not complete, but it is comprehensive. They are listed under six different categories:

1: World Series Games
2: Clinchers, Playoffs and L.C.S. Games
3: Something Special
4: Miscellaneous and Interesting
5: All-Star Games
6: Regular season games.

World Series Games

IMPORTANT: Games that are part of a series are sold individually. (Click here to go to his store on eBay.)

1934—Game 7. Tom Manning. Cards (Dean) beat Tigers (Auker)
1936—Game 3. Giants at Yanks. Gehrig plays and it's Joe DiMaggio's rookie year.
1937—Game 1. Red Barber. Yanks (Gomez) beat Giants (Hubbell)
1938—Game 2. Yanks (Gomez) at Cubs (Dizzy Dean)
1942—Game 2. Cards (Beazley) beat Yanks (Bonham)
1942—Game 5. Fair audio. Cards (Beazley) beat Yanks (Ruffing)
1943—Game 5. Just the first 3.3 inns. Yanks at Cards. Bob Elson, Red Barber & Bill Corum
1948—All 6 Indians-Bos. Braves games.
1949—All 5 Yankees-Dodgers games. Mel Allen and Red Barber call the entire Series
1952—Games 6 & 7 Both TV audios called by Mel and Red. Yankees at Dodgers.
1954—All 4 Giants—Indians games. Game 1 has choppy audio in 7th & 8th. Game 2 has choppy audio in spots. Game 3 is clear and game 4 has nice audio clarity.
1956—Game 5. Don Larsen is PERFECT versus Brooklyn.
1957—Games 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7 of Milwaukee Braves-Yankees.
1958—Games 2 & 7. Yanks-Milwaukee Braves.
1959—Games 1, 4 & 5. L. A. Dodgers-White Sox.
1960—Games 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 &7 of Pirates-Yankees.
1960—Game 7 re-creation by Bob Prince and Jim Woods
1961—Game 1. Waite Hoyt. Yanks (Ford) beat Reds (O'Toole)
1961—Game 2. Just scoring inns. Waite Hoyt. Reds (Jay) beat Yanks (Terry)
1961—Game 3. Waite Hoyt. Yanks (Arroyo) beat Reds (Purkey)
1961—Game 4. Waite Hoyt. Just scoring inns. Yanks (Ford) beat Reds (O'Toole)
1962—Games 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7 of Yankees-Giants.
1963—All 4 Dodgers-Yankees games.  Game 1 is "Dandy Sandy's" beaut!
1964—All 7 Cards-Yanks games.
1965—Games 1, 2 & 7. Dodgers-Twins.
1966—All 4 Orioles-Dodgers games. Game 2 is Koufax's last game.
1967—All 7 Cards-Red Sox games.
1968—All 7 Tigers-Cards games.
1969—All 5 Mets-Orioles games.
1970—All 5 Orioles-Reds games.
1971—All 7 Pirates-Orioles games.
1972—All 7 A's-Reds games.
1973—All 7 A's-Mets games.
1974—All 5 A's-Dodgers games.
1975—All 7 Reds-Red Sox games.
1976—All 4 Reds-Yanks games.
1977—All 6 Yanks-Dodgers games. Game 6 is Reggie's unforgettable 3 homer game.
1978—All 6 Yanks-Dodgers games.
1979—All 7 Pirates-Orioles games.
1980—All 6 Phillies-Royals games.
1981—All 6 Dodgers-Yanks games.
1982—All 7 Cards-Brewers games.
1983—All 5 Orioles-Phillies games.
1984—All 5 Tigers-Padres games.
1985—All 7 Royals-Cards games.
1986—All 7 Mets-Red Sox games.
1987—All 7 Twins-Cards games.
1988—All 5 Dodgers-A's games. Game 1 is "THE NATURAL" starring Kirk Gibson.
1989—All 4 A's-Giants games.
1990—All 4 Reds-A's games.
1991—All 7 Twins-Braves games.
1992—All 6 Blue Jays-Braves games.
1993—All 6 Blue Jays-Phillies games.
1995—All 6 Braves-Indians games.
1996—All 6. Yanks-Braves. Games. 3, 4, 5 &6 off WABC.
1996—Oct. 28. WABC. Yankee wrap up with Sterling and Kay.
1996—Oct. 29. WABC. The rally of Champions. New York salutes the Yanks
1997—All 7 Marlins-Indians.
1998—All 4 Yankees-Padres games off WABC.
1998—Oct. 23. WABC. City Hall pays tributes to the champion Yanks.
1999—All 4 games. WABC. Yanks (Hernandez) at Braves.


Clinchers, Playoffs, and L.C.S. Games

IMPORTANT: Games that are part of a series are sold individually. (Click here to go to his store on eBay.)

1948—Oct. 3. Curt Gowdy re-creates Bosox win over NY to tie Cleve. for the pennant
1949—Oct. 2. Yanks clinch pennant v. Boston
1950—Oct. 1. By Saam re-creates the Phillies pennant winner over Brooklyn
1951—Oct. 3. THE MOTHER OF ALL GAMES! It's no re-creation & proof is furnished. Gordon McLendon calls, on Liberty, the Giants playoff pennant winner over Brooklyn. A CLASSIC! BOBBY THOMSON'S "SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD".
1960—Sept. 25. Yanks clinch pennant v. Boston
1962—KSFO. Scoring inns. only. Game 2 of Giants at Dodgers playoff.
1962—KSFO. Scoring inns. only. Game 3 of Giants at Dodgers playoff.
1962—Off NBC radio. The complete game 3 of Giants pennant winner over Los Angeles.
1964—Oct. 4. KMOX. Cards clinch pennant v. Mets.
1967—Oct. 1. NBC-TV The Bosox win the pennant v. Minn. The top of the ninth is missing but all scoring had already taken place
1968—Sept. 17. WJR. Tigers clinch pennant v. Yankees
1969—Sept. 23. Mets beat Cards (NY NETW.) to clinch a tie for the N. L. East
1969—Sept. 24. NY NETW. Mets beat Cards to win the N. L. East
1969—Game 3 of NLCS. NY NETW. Mets beat Braves to win the pennant.
1970—Game 1 of ALCS. WBAL. Orioles at Twins
1970—Game 2 of ALCS. WBAL. Orioles at Twins
1971—Sept. 29. KFI & KSFO. Giants beat Padres to clinch a tie for the Division.
1971—Sept. 30. KSFO. Giants beat Padres to clinch the Division
1971—Game 1 of ALCS. NBC. A's at Orioles
1971—Game 2 of ALCS. WBAL. A's at Orioles
1971—Game 3 of ALCS. WBAL. O's at A's
1971—Game 2 of NLCS. KSFO. Pirates at Giants.
1971—Game 3 of NLCS. Vin Scully. Giants at Pirates.
1971—Game 4 of NLCS. Vin Scully. Top of 1st is missing. Giants at Pirates.
1972—Oct. 2. Bos. NETW. Tigers beat Bosox to clinch a tie for the Div.
1972—Oct. 3. Bos. NETW. Tigers beat Bosox to clinch the Div.
1972—Game 3 of ALCS. A's at Tigers
1972—Game 4 of ALCS. A's at Tigers
1972—Game 5 of ALCS. A's win pennant v. Tigers
1972—Game 5 of NLCS. Al Michaels. Reds win pennant v. Bucs. Roberto Clemente's last game.
1973—Oct. 1. NY NETW. Mets clinch the Division vs. the Cubs
1973—Game 2 of ALCS. WBAL. A's at O's
1973—Game 5 of ALCS. WBAL. Orioles win pennant v. A's
1973—All 5 Mets—Reds NLCS games.
1974—Oct. 1. Bob Prince. Pirates clinch tie for NL East v. Cubs
1974—Oct. 2. Bob Prince. Pirates win the Division v. Cubs.
1974—All 4 Dodgers—Pirates NLCS games.
1975—Sept. 22. Bob Prince. Bucs win NL East v. Phillies.
1975—All Bob Prince. All 3 Pirates-Reds NLCS games.
1975—All 3 Bosox-A's ALCS games.
1976—Sept. 25. Yanks clinch a Div. tie v. Detroit
1976—Sept. 29. WIBW. Royals clinch a Div. tie v. Oakland
1976—All 3 Reds-Phils NLCS games.
1976—All 5 Yanks-Royals ALCS games.
1977—Sept. 25. Phillies clinch a Div. tie v. Montreal
1977—Sept. 27. Phillies win the Div. v. Chicago
1977—All 4 Dodgers-Phils NLCS games.
1977—All 5 Yanks-Royals ALCS games.
1978—Sept. 30. KDKA. Phils beat Bucs to win the Division.
1978—Oct. 1. Bos. NETWork. Bosox beat Jays to clinch a tie for the A. L. East.
1978—Oct. 2. NY NETWork. THE TIEBREAKER at Fenway. Yanks beat Bosox in a thriller. Bucky "dents" the Bosox
1978—All 4 Dodgers-Phils NLCS games.
1978—All 3 Yanks-Royals ALCS games.
1979—Sept. 25. KMPC. Angels beat Royals to win their first Division title.
1978—Game 4 of the ALCS. Yanks win pennant v. K. C.
1979—Sept. 30. KDKA. Pirates win the East by beating the Cubs
1979—All 4 Orioles-Angels ALCS games.
1979—All 3 Pirates-Reds NLCS games.
1980—Oct. 5. Hou. NETW. Dodgers beat Astros to force a one game playoff for the Div.
1980—Oct. 6. CBS. Astros win their 1st Div. by beating Dodgers in the 1 game playoff.
1980—All 5 Phils-Astros NLCS games.
1980—All 3 Royals-Yanks ALCS games.
1981—Games 1, 2 & 4 &5 of Yanks-Brewers ALDS for the AL East.
1981—Games 1, 3 & 5 of Expos-Phils NLDS for the NL East.
1981—Games 1, 2, 4 & 5 of Dodgers-Astros NLDS for the NL West.
1981—Game 3 of Royals-A's ALDS for the AL West.
1981—All 3 Yanks-A's ALCS games.
1981—All 5 Dodgers-Expos NLCS games.
1982—Sept. 27. KMOX. Cards win the NL East v. Montreal
1982—Oct. 1. WSB. Braves clinch a Div. tie by beating the Padres.
1982—Oct. 2. KMPC. Angels beat the Rangers to win the A. L. West
1982—Oct. 3. WTMJ Brewers win the AL East at Baltimore
1982—All 3 Cards-Braves NLCS games.
1982—All 5 Brewers-Angels ALCS games.
1983—Sept. 17. WMAQ. Chisox win the Division v. the Mariners
1983—Sept. 28. WGN. Phils beat Cubs to clinch the NL East
1983—Sept. 30. KFI. Dodgers beat Giants to win the NL West
1983—All 4 Orioles-Chisox ALCS games.
1983—All 4 Phils-Dodgers NLCS games.
1984—Sept. 18. WJR. Tigers beat Brewers to clinch the AL East.
1984—Sept. 24. WGN. Cubs clinch the NL East v. Pittsburgh
1984—All 3 Tigers-Royals ALCS games.
1984—All 5 Padres-Cubs NLCS games.
1985—Oct. 2. KABC. Dodgers beat Braves to win the NL West
1985—Oct. 4. KMOX. Cards beat Cubs to clinch a Division tie.
1985—All 6 Cards-Dodgers NLCS games. Each $12. 35 ppd
1985—All 7 Royals-Blue Jays ALCS games.
1986—Sept. 27. WTIC. Red Sox clinch a Div. tie v. Toronto
1986—Sept. 28. Bos. TV. Bosox beat Toronto to clinch AL East. Begins scoreless in bottom of 1st.
1986—Sept. 17. NY NETW. Mets clinch NL East v. Cubs
1986—All 6 Mets-Astros NLCS games.
1986—All 7 Bosox-Angels ALCS games.
1987—Sept. 27. WCCO. Twins beat Royals to clinch a tie for the AL West
1987—Sept. 28. WCCO. Twins beat Rangers to clinch the AL West
1987—Oct. 1. KMOX. Cards beat Expos to clinch the NL West
1987—Oct. 4. WJR. Tigers beat Blue Jays to win the AL East
1987—All 7 Cards-Giants NLCS games.
1987—All 5 Twins-Tigers ALCS games.
1988—Sept. 21. NY NETW. Mets beat Phils to clinch a Division tie
1988—Sept. 22. NY NETW. Mets beat Phils to win the NL East
1988—Sept. 26. KABC. Dodgers clinch the NL West v. San Diego
1988—All 4 A's-Bosox ALCS games.
1988—All 7 Dodgers-Mets NLCS games. Each $12. 35 ppd
1989—Sept. 26. WGN. Cubs clinch NL East v. Montreal
1989—Sept. 30. Toronto NETW. Blue Jays beat O's to win the AL East
1989—Sept. 30. CBS. Blue Jays beat O's to win the AL East
1989—All 5 A's-Blue Jays ALCS games.
1989—All 5 Giants-Cubs NLCS games.
1990—Sept. 30. KMOX. Pirates win the NL East v. St. Louis
1990—Oct. 1. Bosox beat Chisox to clinch a Division tie.
1990—Oct. 3. WTIC. Bosox beat Chisox to win the AL East
1990—All 5 Reds-Pirates NLCS games.
1990—All 4 A's-Bosox ALCS games.
1991—Sept. 22. KDKA. Pirates win the NL East v. Phillies
1991—Sept. 28. WCCO. Twins beat Toronto to clinch a Division tie.
1991—Oct. 5. WSB. Braves beat Astros to win the Div. as Dodgers lose to Giants
1991—All 5 ALCS games. Blue Jays v. Twins.
1991—All 7 NLCS games. Braves v. Pirates.
1992—Sept. 26. KDKA. Bucs clinch tie for Div. by beating Mets 19—2.
1992—Sept. 27. KDKA. Bucs win the NL East by beating the Mets
1992—Sept. 29. WSB. Braves win the NL West by beating the Giants
1992—All 6 ALCS games. A's v. Blue Jays.
1992—All 7 Braves-Pirates NLCS games. Game 7 off WSB is a CLASSIC!
1993—Sept. 25. Game 1 of doubleheader. WMAQ. Chisox clinch Div. tie by beating the Rangers
1993—Sept. 27. WMAQ. Chisox beat Mariners to win the Division.
1993—Sept. 27. Toronto NETW. Jays beat the Brewers to clinch the Division
1993—Sept. 28. WCAU. Phils beat Pirates to clinch the Division.
1993—Oct. 3. WSB. Braves clinch a Div. tie by beating the Rockies
1993—All 6 Blue Jays-Chisox ALCS games.
1993—All 6 Phillies-Braves NLCS games.
1995—Sept. 13. WSB. Braves beat Rockies to clinch a Div. tie.
1995—Sept. 19. WTIC. Bosox beat Brewers to clinch a Div. tie.
1995—Sept. 20. WTIC. Bosox beat Brewers to clinch the Division.
1995—Sept. 30. WABC. Yanks beat Blue Jays to clinch a tie for the AL Wild Card.
1995—Oct. 1. WABC. Yanks beat Toronto to clinch the AL Wild Card.
1995—Sept. 30. off KABC. Dodgers beat Padres to clinch the Division.
1995—Oct. 2. CBS. Mariners beat Angels in the A. L. West Division tiebreaker
1995—All 5 Sea.-NY ALDS games.
1995—All 3 Reds-Dodgers NLDS games. Each
1995—Games 1. 2 & 4 of the Braves-Rockies NLDS.
1995—Games 2 & 3 of the Indians-Red Sox ALDS.
1995—Games 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the Braves-Reds NLCS.
1995—All 6 Indians—Mariners ALDS games.
1996—Sept. 22. WSB. Braves beat Expos to clinch the NL East
1996—Sept. 23. KMOX. Cards beat Reds in Cinc. to clinch a Division tie.
1996—Sept. 24. KMOX. Cards clinch the NL Central by beating the Pirates
1996—Sept. 25. WABC. Yanks beat Brewers to clinch the AL East title.
1996—Sept. 27. 28 & 29. KFMB. Padres sweep Dodgers to win the N. L. West Title.
1996—Sept. 28. WBAL. Orioles beat the Blue Jays to clinch the A. L. Wild Card
1996—Games 1, 2 & 4 of the Orioles-Indians ALDS.
1996—Games 2, 3 & 4 of Yankees-Rangers ALDS.
1996—Games 1, 2 & 3 of Cards-Padres NLDS.
1996—Games 1, 2 &3 of Braves-Dodgers NLDS.
1996—All 7 Braves—Cards NLCS games.
1996—Games 1, 3, 4 & 5 of Yanks-Orioles ALCS.
1997—Sept. 20. WABC. Yanks beat Jays to clinch a post season berth for 37th time.
1997—Game 1 of ALDS. Baltimore at Seattle
1997—Games 1 & 5 of Indians-Yankees ALDS.
1997—Games 2, 3, 4 & 6 of Indians-Orioles ALCS.
1997—Games 1, 3, 5 &6 of Marlins-Braves NLCS.
1998—Aug. 29. WABC. Yanks beat M's to clinch a post season berth. Jeter's HR sets NYY shortstop record.
1998—Sept. 9. WABC. Yankees beat Bosox to clinch the A. L. East
1998—Sept. 28. WGN. Cubs beat Giants in the Wild Card NL playoff.
1998—Game 3 of NLDS. WSB. Braves beat Cubs to advance to the NLCS v. Padres
1998—Game 4 of NLDS. KMPC. Padres beat Astros to advance to NLCS v. Atlanta.
1998—Games 1, 2. 3 & 6 of Padres-Braves NLCS. SD goes to the WS.
1998—All 3 Yanks—Rangers ALDS games off WABC.
1998—Games 1, 4 , 5 & 6 of Yanks-Indians ALCS.
1999—Sept. 24. KTAR, Phoenix. D¹backs (R. Johnson) beat Giants in SF to win the N. L. West
1999—Sept. 26. Tex. NETW. Rangers beat A¹s in Oakland to win the A. L. West title
1999—Sept. 27. WEEI. Bosox clinch a tie for a post season playoff berth v. Balt. Pedro¹s 23rd.
1999—Sept. 30. WABC. Game 2 of DOUBLEHEADER. Yanks beat Orioles in Balt. to win the A. L. East Div.
1999—Oct. 3. WFAN. Mets beat Bucs to force a one game Wild Card playoff in Cincinnati
1999—Oct. 4. WFAN. Mets (Al Leiter) win the Wild Card in the playoff against the Reds.
1999— Game 1 of ALDS. WABC. Rangers (Sele) at Yanks ("El Duque" Hernandez)
1999—. Game 2 of ALDS. WABC. Rangers (Helling) at Yankees (Pettitte)
1999—Game 3 of ALDS. In Texas Yanks sweep Rangers to win the ALDS. Pre & post game.
1999—Game 4 of ALDS. ESPN radio. A RECORD SETTER. Indians 7 at Red Sox 23.
1999—Game 5 of ALDS. ESPN radio. Red Sox beat Indians to advance to the ALCS v. New York
1999—Game 1 of NLDS. WFAN. Mets (Yoshii) at Diamondbacks (R. Johnson)
1999—Game 3 of NLDS. WFAN. Ariz. (Daal) at Mets (Reed)
1999—Game 4 of NLDS. WFAN. In N. Y. Mets beat D¹backs to win the NLDS. Post included.
1999—Game 4 of NLDS. WSB. Braves beat Astros to advance to the NLCS v. the Mets
1999—Game 1 of ALCS. WABC. Red Sox (Mercker) at Yankees (O. Hernandez)
1999—Game 2 of ALCS. WABC. Red Sox (Ramon Martinez) at Yankees (Cone)
1999—Game 4 of ALCS. WABC. Yanks (Pettitte) at Red Sox (Saberhagen)
1999—Game 5 of ALCS. WABC. Yanks (O. Hernandez) at Red Sox (Mercker)
1999—Game 1 of NLCS. WSB Mets (Yoshii) at Braves (Maddux)
1999—Game 2 of NLCS. WSB. Mets (Rogers) at Braves (Millwood)
1999—Game 3 of NLCS. WSB. Braves (Glavine) at Mets (Leiter)
1999—Game 4 of NLCS. WFAN. Braves (Smoltz) at Mets (R. Reed)
1999—Game 5 of NLCS. WFAN. THE MOTHER OF ALL NLCS GAMES! Braves (Maddux) at Mets (Yoshii) All 15 innings. 5:47. On 4 cassettes.
1999—Game 6 of NLCS. WFAN. Braves win the pennant v. the Mets in Atlanta.
1999—Game 6 of NLCS. WSB. Braves win pennant v. the Mets in Atlanta.


Something Special

(Click here to go to his store on eBay.)
1961—Apr. 11. KMPC. The Angels first game. Los Angeles at Baltimore
1961—Sept. 20. NY NETW. Yanks clinch pennant at Baltimore Maris hits #59
1961—Oct. 1. NY NETW. A few inconsequential inns, missing but recapped. Maris hits #61 v. Bos.
1962—April 11. NY NETW. The Mets first game. NY at Cardinals
1962—Apr. 22. NY NETW. The last Met loss before win #1. Mets at Pirates. Bucs win 10 straight.
1962—Apr. 29. Game 1 of doubleheader. Al Jackson hurls the 1st Met shutout. Phils at Mets.
1962—Sept. 26. Mets at Milwaukee lose game 118 breaking the 1916 Philadelphia. A’s record.
1962—Sept. 30. THE LAST GAME IN THE METS’ AWFUL 1st SEASON. NY at Cubs. Cubs pull off a triple play.
1963—Sept. 29. WJR. Kell’s last Tiger broadcast. McLain’s 3rd ML start. Detroit at Baltimore
1965—Apr. 9. KFLD. The first game in the Astrodome. Exhibition. Yanks at Astros
1965—July 5. Game 1 of doubleheader. Swoboda sets Met rookie homer record. Cubs at Mets
1968—Sept. 14. WJR. McLain wins #30. A’s at Tigers
1968—Sept. 15. Yanks win 10 straight. Nellie Fox interviewed. Yanks at Senators
1968—Sept. 27. Mantle’s last game. Yankees at Red Sox
1968—Sept. 28. Mantle’s last plate appearance. Yankees at Red Sox
1969—Apr. 7. Ted Williams’s managerial debut. Yankees at Senators
1969—April 30. The first ML night game in Canada. Mets at Expos
1969—July 29. Game 1 of doubleheader. Excerpts with Bob Prince and Jim Woods. LA at Pittsburgh
1969—Sept. 1. KFI. Stever Garvey’s 1st ML plate appearance. Mets at Dodgers
1969—Sept. 2. KFI. Willie Davis hits in 30 straight for a Dodger record. NY at LA
1970—Mar. 14. Exhibition. 3. 5 inns. with open mic. Harry Caray with the A’s. SF at Oak.
1970—Apr. 18. NY NETW. Ryan’s 1st classic. 1st shutout & 1 hitter. Fans 15 setting Met record.
1970—Apr. 22. NY NETW. Seaver fans 19—10 straight v. SD. A few inconsq. inns missing (recapped)
1970—June 28. Game 2 of doubleheader. KDKA. The Forbes Field Finale. Cubs at Pirates.
1970—Aug. 8. WPIX—TV. Yankees Old Timers Day with Casey’s #37 retired.
1971—Sept. 29. NY NETW. Next to last game played in D. C. NY at Wash.
1971—Sept. 30. Wash. NETW. The finale in D. C. Fans RIOT! NY at Wash.
1972—May 14. Mays’s Met debut. His 647th homer beats the Giants. Huh?
1972—Sept. 2. KFI. Doug Rau’s ML debut. Dodgers at Cards
1973—Sept. 27. KMPC. Ryan fans 383 in one season. A ML record! Twins at Angels
1974—Apr. 4. Reds’ TV audio. Aaron hits #714 to tie the Babe.
1974—Apr. 8. WSB. Aaron hits #715. Dodgers at Braves
1974—Apr. 8. KABC with Vin Scully. Aaron hits #715. Dodgers at Braves
1974—Sept. 10. Brock breaks Maury Wills’s single season SB record. Phils at Cards
1974—Sept. 24. WJR. Al Kaline’s 3,000th and 3,001st hits. Detroit. at Baltimore
1975—Apr. 11. WTMJ. Hank Aaron returns to Milwaukee. Indians at Brewers
1975—Aug. 2. Billy Martin’s 1st game as Yankee Mgr. Interviews too. Cleveland at NY
1976—June 28. NBC—TV. At Detroit, Mark Fidrych stymies the Yankees
1976—Aug. 9. TV audio. Pirates’ John Candelaria no hits the Dodgers
1976—Oct. 3. WJR. Aaron’s ML finale. Tigers at Brewers
1977—Apr. 6. KMPC, LA. The Mariners’ first game. Cal. at Sea.
1977—Apr. 13. Guidry’s first ML win. Does it in relief. Yanks at Royals
1977—Apr. 21. WJR. Dave Rozema’s first ML win. He blanks the Bosox.
1977—May 18. WJR. G. Perry becomes the 3rd hurler to win 100 in both leagues. Detroit at Tex.
1977—May 30. WWWE. Dennis Eckersley no-hits the Angels
1977—June 3. WWWE. "Eck" breaks Vandermeer’ s record for consec. hitless scoring innings. v. Seatle.
1977—June 10. WLW. Rose’s 500th lifetime double. Expos at Reds
1977—June 12. Seaver’s final game as a Met before the Cinc. trade. Mets at Astros
1977—June 14. WWWE. Tex. at Cleveland Brad Corbett punches out an abusive fan. Don’t mess with "Tex"
1977—June 17. Bosox hit four homers in inning one. Yanks at Red Sox.
1977—June 18. The "near Billy—Reggie brawl" at Fenway. Yanks at Bosox.
1977—June 20. Great pitching matching Yanks’ Gullett and Tigers’ Fidrych.
1977—June 22. A 20+ run blowout in Detroit v. the Yankees
1977—June 23. 15th annual Mayor’s Trophy Game. Yanks at Mets
1977—Aug. 14. KYW. Game 2 of doubleheader. Phils beat Cubs for 12th straight win—a Phillies record.
1977—Aug. 16. WMAQ. The Chisox at Yankees in a 20+ run fiesta.
1977—Aug. 21. WLW. Seaver, as a Red, hurls for the first time against the Mets.
1977—Aug. 29. KMOX. Brock breaks Cobb’s lifetime SB record. Cards at Padres
1977—Sept. 23. WLW. Foster’s 50th home run. Reds at Braves
1978—Apr. 16. Cards’ Bob Forsch no-hits the Phils
1978—Apr. 25. Yanks’ Jim Beattie’s first ML start. NY at Baltimore.
1978—May 5. WLW. Pete Rose’s 3,000th hit. Expos at Reds.
1978—May 6. WLW. Rose surpasses Clemente with hit #3,001. Expos at Reds .
1978—June 6. WLW. Game 2 of doubleheader. Bob Welch’s 1st ML start. LA at Cinc.
1978—June 16. Reds’ Seaver no-hits the Cards
1978—June 17. Guidry fans 18—the most Ks by any southpaw in AL history. Cal. at NY
1978—June 18. Game 1 of doubleheader. Vida Blue’s 1st ML shutout. Mets at Giants
1978—June 22. Guidry wins 12th straight tying a club record. Yanks at Tigers
1978—July 2. Game 1 of doubleheader. WJR. Guidry wins 13th straight—a club record. Tigers at Yanks
1978—July 13. KABC. Don Sutton 200th win. LA at Pittsburgh
1978—July 16. WLW. Rose sets more records—what else? Mets at Reds.
1978—July 20. WLW. Rose ties Hornsby by hitting in 33 straight. Reds at Phils.
1978—July 22. WLW. Rose hits in 35—straight and Bench hits career homer 299. Reds at Expos
1978—July 24. WLW. Rose ties Tommy Holmes by hitting in 37 straight. Reds at Mets
1978—July 28. WLW. Game 1 of doubleheader. Rose hits in 40 straight, tying Cobb. Phils at Reds
1978—July 29. WLW. Rose hits in 42 straight breaking Sisler’s record. Phils at Reds
1978—July 30. WSB. Expos hits 8 homers to beat Braves 19-0. Dawson hits 2 in one inning.
1978—July 31. WLW. ROSE HITS IN 44 STRAIGHT, ENDING THE STREAK. Reds at Braves
1978—Sept. 4. Game 1 of doubleheader. Guidry wins #20. Tigers at Yanks
1978—Sept. 28. Guidry goes 24-3 by defeating Toronto and sets a NY single season K record.
1978—Oct. 1. Yanks lose to Indians to force a one game playoff at Fenway.
1979—Apr. 11. WWWE. Rangers’s Comer one hits the Tribe
1979—Apr. 8. Tommy John’s first start as a Yankee. He faces the Brewers.
1979—May 17. TV audio off WGN. A RECORD BREAKER. Phillies 23 at Cubs 22.
1979—May 17. WCAU radio. A RECORD BREAKER. Phillies 23 at Cubs 22.
1979—July 19. WLW. Seaver breaks Cy Young’s career K record. Cards at Reds.
1979—July 20. KMOX. Seaver’s 50th career shutout. Reds at Cards
1979—Aug. 1. Thurman Munson’s last game. Yanks at Chisox
1979—Aug. 3. Memorial Tribute to Munson followed by Orioles at Yanks.
1979—Aug. 6. Murcer eulogizes Thurman at the funeral and then blasts the Orioles but good.
1979—Aug. 13. WGN. Brock gets lifetime hit #3,000. Cubs at Cards
1979—Sept. 12. WTIC. "Yaz’s" 3,000th hit. Yanks at Bosox.
1979—Sept. 24. KMOX. Rose gets 200th hit in 10 straight seasons surpassing Cobb. Cards at Phils
1980—May 3. KNBR. McCovey’s last homer. Number 521. SF at Mont.
1980—Aug. 26. KYW. Rose passes Speaker in career hits to become #4 on list. LA at Philadelphia
1980—Sept. 5. Chuck Thompson. A MUST FOR ORIOLES FANS. Oakland at Baltimore
1980—Apr. 9. WCCO. The last season opener at Metropolitan Stadium. A’s at Twins
1981—May 15. WWWE. Indians’s Len Barker’s perfect game over the Blue Jays.
1981—Aug. 18. WLW. Two future Hall of Famers meet. Phils (Carlton) at Reds (Seaver)
1981—Sept. 26. NBC—TV. Nolan Ryan’s 5th no-hitter. Dodgers at Astros
1982—Apr. 5. WGN—TV. "Ryno’s" and Harry Caray’s Cubs debuts. Cubs at Reds
1982—Apr. 6. WCCO. First game in Metrodome. Texas at Minn.
1982—Apr. 12. WLW. Braves win 6th straight on way to 13 from season’s outset. Atlanta at Cincinnati
1982—Apr. 17. NY NETW. Staub gets hit #2,600. Mont. at NY
1982—Apr. 21. WLW. Braves beat Reds for 13 straight from season’s outset.
1982—Apr. 22. WLW. Reds, in Atlanta, break Braves winning streak from season’s outset.
1982—Apr. 28. WCAU. Rose breaks more records which is nothing new! Phils at Dodgers
1982—Apr. 30. NY NETW. Gaylord Perry wins lifetime #299. M’s at Yanks
1982—May 4. Gaylord Perry wins lifetime #300 v. NY.
1982—Oct. 3. KABC. Joe Morgan’s homer ruins the Dodgers’ season. LA at SF
1983—Apr. 29. Lynchburg Mets (18 year old Dwight Gooden) v. Kinston Blue Jays with Jay Schroeder
1983—July 4. Yankees’ Dave Righetti no-hits the Bosox
1983—July 24. THE INFAMOUS PINE TAR GAME. Some noise & static. Royals at Yankees
1983—Sept. 17. WLW. Johnny Bench Nite. Astros at Reds.
1983—Sept. 20. WJR. Rain shortened. Tigers score 11 in the first against the O’s.
1983—Sept. 23. KMOX. Steve Carlton wins #300. Phils at Cards
1983—Oct. 1. WHDOUBLEHEADER. "Yaz" Day at Fenway. 2 hours of ceremonies. Cleveland at Bos.
1983—Oct. 2. TV audio. "Yaz’s" last game. Cleveland at Boston
1984—Apr. 7. WMAQ. Tigers’ Jack Morris’s no-hitter v. Chisox
1984—June 23. WGM. "RYNO’S" BIG BIG DAY in a 20+ run slugfest v. St. Louis at Wrigley.
1984—Aug. 1. Mattingly’s 1st year as a Yankee. Brewers at Yankees.
1984—Aug. 1. WGN. Cubs beat Phils to move into first place.
1984—Aug. 17. WLW. Rose returns to Cinc. as Manager. Interviews too. Cubs at Reds
1984—Sept. 7. Gooden breaks N. L. rookie K record held by Grover Alexander. Cubs at Mets
1984—Sept. 12. Gooden breaks ML rookie K record set by Herb Score. Bucs at Mets
1984—Sept. 17. Gooden fans 16 for 2nd straight time. Mets at Phils
1984—Sept. 17. KMPC. Reggie hits #500. Royals at Angels
1984—Sept. 30. KMPC. Angels’ Mike Witt’s perfect game over Texas
1985—May 3. KDKA. Bob Prince Nite at Three Rivers. He returns to mic for last time.
1985—Aug. 4. Seaver’s 300th win. Chisox at Yankees
1985—Aug. 4. WCCO. Rod Carew’s 3,000th hit. Minn. at Cal.
1985—Sept. 11. WLW. Rose hits 4,192 breaking Cobb’s record. Padres at Reds
1985—Oct. 6. NY NETW. Phil Niekro wins #300 v. Blue Jays
1985—Oct. 6. TV audio. Giants lose #100—the 1st time it ever happened. Atlanta at SF
1986—Apr. 29. TV audio. Clemens fans 20 Mariners.
1986—June 18. Sutton wins #300. Rangers at Angels
1986—July 1. Bos. TV audio. Seaver’s Bosox debut versus the Blue Jays
1986—July 27. WTIC. The 1st time in ML history that two 300 game winners meet. Seaver v. Sutton
1986—Aug. 1. WCCO. Blyleven’s 3000th K and Puckett hits for cycle. A’s at Twins
1986—Aug. 18. WCCO. Seaver’s last win. Bosox at Minn.
1986—Aug. 21. WRKO. Bosox score 24 vs. Cleveland Boston of 8th and all 9th missing but no runs score.
1986—Sept. 19. WMAQ. Chisox Joe Cowley no-hits the Angels.
1986—Sept. 25. Mike Scott no-hits the Giants as Astros clinch the Div.
1986—Sept. 29. Winfield becomes 1st Yankee since Joe. D. to drive in 100 for 5 straight years.
1986—Oct. 2. Mattingly sets Yankee hit records against the Bosox.
1987—Apr. 17. WGN—TV. Bill Murray at the mic for 6 inns. Expos at Cubs.
1987—Apr. 18. WCAU. Mike Schmitt hits 500th homer v. Pittsburgh
1987—July 17. Mattingly hits 7 homers in 7 straight games. An AL record! NY at Tex.
1987—July 18. Mattingly ties Dale Long with 8 homers in 8 straight. NY at Tex.
1987—Aug. 3. WCCO. The Joe Niekro "Emory Board Game." Minn. at Cal.
1987—Aug. 16. WGN. Mets score 23 against the Cubs. An all time Met record.
1987—Sept. 12. KMOX. Vince Coleman becomes the 1st to steal 100 bases in each of his first 3 seasons.
1987—Sept. 29. Mattingly’s 6th grand slam in one season for a ML record. Bosox at NY
1987—Oct. 4. WMAQ. Reggie Jackson’s last game. Oak. at Chisox
1988—Apr. 12. Shea Stadium’s 25th anniversary. Expos at Mets
1988—Apr. 20. WBAL. Orioles lose 14th straight from season’s outset v. Milwaukee
1988—Apr. 20. Yankees’ 10,000th franchise homer. NY at Minn.
1988—Apr. 23. WCCO. Carlton’s last ML appearance. Indians at Twins
1988—Apr. 29. Yanks win 15th in April—a club record. Tex. at NY
1988—Apr. 28. WBAL. Orioles lose 21st straight from season’s outset.
1988—Apr. 29. WBAL. Birds win their first in 1988 after 21 straight losses. O’s at Chisox
1988—Apr. 30. TV audio. "Pags" gets 7 r. b. i. and "Winny" breaks a record v. Rangers.
1988—May 3. Strawberry hits homer #155 to set Mets record. Braves at Mets
1988—July 9. KMOX. Glants beat Cards 21-2. The WORST Cards loss since 1925.
1988—July 16. 40 year old Jose Cruz’s pinch grand slam. A record. Chisox at Yanks.
1988—July 21. Rickey Henderson’s 35th leadoff homer to tie a ML record. Yanks at KC
1988—July 27. Tommy John sets record. The 1st hurler to commit 3 errors in 1 inn Milwaukee at NY
1988—Aug. 8. WGN. First Wrigley Niter. Rained out but a ton of celebrity interviews. 2 hours.
1988—Aug. 9. WGN. The 1st OFFICIAL Wrigley Niter v. NY.
1988—Aug. 13. WTIC. Bosox win 24 straight at home—an AL record. Detroit at Bos.
1988—Sept. 16. WLW. Reds’ Tom Browning’s perfect game over Los Angeles
1988—Sept. 21. WJR. Darrell Evans’s 400th career homer. Cleveland at Detroit
1988—Sept. 28. KABC. Hershiser breaks Drysdale’s consec. scoreless inn, streak.
1989—Apr. 4. WGN. Opening Day. Mitch Williams’ 9th inn. theatrics. Phils at Cubs
1989—Apr. 4. T. John ties ML record with his 26th opening start. NY at Minn.
1989—Apr. 8. KMPC. Jim Abbott’s first game. Seattle at Cal.
1989—Apr. 25. WGM. Wrigley’s 75th anniversary. LA at Chic.
1989—Apr. 28. Yanks beat Chisox as Rickey breaks ML record for leadoff homers.
1989—Apr. 30. CLASSIC MOUND DUEL! Red Sox (Clemens) at Rangers (Ryan) . WTIC radio.
1989—May 31. Deion Sanders’ ML debut. Seattle. at Yankees
1989—June 19. Gooden becomes 3rd youngest hurler to win 100 games. Mont. at NY
1989—Aug. 2. Frank Viola’s 1st Met start. Mets at Cards
1989—Aug. 4. Stieb retires 26th straight before losing a perfect game. NY at Toronto
1989—Aug. 22. KSFO. Ryan’s 5,000th strikeout. Oakland at Texas
1989—Sept. 23. WGN. Cubs reduce magic number to 4 with this win over Pittsburgh
1989—Sept. 25. WTIC. NY at Boston Boggs becomes the 1st to collect 200 hits in 7 straight seasons.
1989—Aug. 23. A fan leaps off the upper deck onto the screen at Yankee Stadium. Boston at NY
1989—Oct. 1. WTIC. Ken Coleman’s final broadcast for the Bosox. Milwaukee at Bos.
1990—Apr. 11. KIRO. Angels’ combined no-hitter by Langston & Witt over M’s.
1990—Apr. 26. WMAQ. Ryan’s 16 Ks and 12th one hitter. Chisox at Rangers
1990—June 11. Tex. radio. Ryan’s 6th no-hitter. Tex. at Oak.
1990—June 29. TV audio. A’s Dave Stewart no-hits the Blue Jays
1990—June 29. TV audio. Dodgers’ Fernando Valenzuela no-hits St. Louis
1990—July 1. WMAQ. Yanks’ Hawkins no-hits the Chisox and LOSES!
1990—July 17. WTIC. Twins pull off 2 triple plays v. Bos. and LOSES!
1990—July 18. WTIC. Twins v. Bosox in a 12 double play game. A ML record!
1990—July 25. Game 2 of doubleheader. WLW. Roseanne Barr’s controversial rendition of National Anthem.
1990—July 25. WGN. Cards score 8 in first and Harry can take it as well as give it. v. Cubs
1990—July 29. WTIC. Bosox hit 12 doubles in one game. Bosox at Tigers.
1990—July 31. TV audio. Texas at Milwaukee Ryan wins #300.
1990—Aug. 15. TV audio. Phils Terry Mulholland no-hits the Giants
1990—Aug. 17. WMAQ. Game 2 of doubleheader. Fisk hits homer 328—a record for catchers. Chisox at Rangers
1990—Aug. 31. KIRO. Two Griffeys in the same lineup. The first time in ML history. Sea. v. KC
1990—Sept. 30. WMAQ. The finale at Old Comiskey Park. Seattle at Chic.
1990—Oct. 3. Tigers’ Cecil Fielder hits 50th & 51st homers. Detroit at NY
1991—Apr. 18. WMAQ. The New Comiskey Park opener. Detroit at Chisox.
1991—May 1. Canadian TV audio. Ryan’s 7th no-hitter v. Blue Jays.
1991—June 16. WCCO. Twins win their 15th straight.
1991—July 28. TV audio. Expos Dennis Martinez’s perfect game over L. A.
1991—Aug. 11. WMAQ. Chisox Wilson Alvarez no-hits the O’s
1991—Aug. 14. WCCO. Winfield hits career homer 400. Cal at Minnesotta
1991—Aug. 26. TV audio. Bret Saberhagen no-hits the Chisox. Chic. at KC
1991—Oct. 1. WSB. THE KEY 1991 BRAVES WIN. They trail Cinc. 6-0 and win.
1991—Oct. 5. WCCO. Scott Erickson wins #20. Toronto at Minn.
1991—Oct. 6. WJR. It was supposed to have been Harwell’s and Carey’s last Tiger broadcast.
1992—Apr. 9. WFAN. Anthony Young’s 1st complete ML win. NY at St. Louis
1992—Apr. 12. WTIC. Boston’s Matt Young’s no—hit loss to Cleveland
1992—May 3. WFAN. Mets beat Braves as Eddie Murphy hits homer #400
1992—June 15. WTIC. Jeff Reardon’s 342nd save sets ML record. Yanks at Bosox
1992—Aug. 26. CJCL. Winfield’s 1,000th extra base hit. Toronto at Chisox
1992—Sept. 5. KDKA. Roberto Clemente Night at Three Rivers. LA at Pittsburgh
1992—Sept. 9. WTMJ. Robin Yount’s 3,000th hit. Cleveland at Milwaukee
1993—Apr. 5. KBKL. Rockie’s first game. Col. at NY
1993—Apr. 5. FL. NETW. Marlins first game. Dodgers at Marlins.
1993—Apr. 5. The last opener at Cleveland Stadium. Yanks at Indians.
1993—Apr. 6. FL NETW. Marlins’ first night game. LA at FL
1993—Apr. 9. Mont. NETW. Rockies 1st home game. Expos at Rockies
1993—Apr. 15. WTIC. Andre Dawson’s 400th homer. Cleveland at Boston
1993—Apr. 22. WTIC. Mariners’ Chris Bosio no-hits the Bosox
1993—Apr. 24. FL NETW. The 1st expansion Marlin win v. the expansion Rockies
1993—June 8. WFAN. Anthony Young loses 20th straight. Cubs at Mets
1993—June 22. WFAN. Anthony Young loses 23rd straight A NL record. Expos at Mets
1993—June 27. WFAN. Anthony Young loses 24th straight A ML record. Cards at Mets
1993—July 7. Young loses 26th straight. Maybe he should go into another profession?
1993—July 22. WJR. Gagne hits 10,000th homer in Tiger Stadium. KC at Det.
1993—Sept. 1. WABC. Chisox Frank Thomas hits homer 38. A Chic. record. Chic. at NY
1993—Sept. 4. Yanks Jim Abbott no-hits the Indians. WABC
1993—Sept. 16. WCCO. Winfield’s 3000th hit. Oak. at Minn.
1993—Sept. 26. WSB. Braves win 100—the 1st time since 1898. Atlanta at Philadelphia
1993—Oct. 3. WKNR. The finale at Cleveland Stadium. Chisox at Tribe.
1993—Oct. 3. KNBR. Dodgers knock the Giants out of the Division race .
1993—Oct. 3. KABC. The same game as above.
1994—Apr. 4. WGN. Opener. Tuffy Rhodes hits 3 homers for the Cubs. Mets at Cubs
1994—Apr. 8. WSB. Braves Kent Mercker no-hits the Dodgers
1994—Apr. 12. WTIC. Bosox and Royals in a 30+ run game.
1994—Apr. 27. WCCO. Twins Scott Erickson no-hits the Brewers
1994—July 3. KABC. Valenzuela, the Phil, returns to Dodger Stadium v. Hershiser.
1994—July 28. TV audio. Texas’ Kenny Rogers’s perfect game over California
1994—Sept. 5. WBAL. Cal Ripken ties Lou Gehrig at 2, 130 straight v. Angels.
1994—Sept. 6. WBAL. Cal Ripken breaks Gehrig’s record with 2, 131 straight v. Angels.
1995—Sept. 19. KFMB. Padres’ Ken Caminiti’s 8 ribbys v. Rockies
1994—Aug. 11. WABC. THE LAST GAME BEFORE THE STRIKE & Yankee ‘casters prognosticate.
1995—May 28. WMAQ. The Chisox at Tigers in a TWELVE homer game.
1995—June 30. WCCO. Eddie Murray’s 3,000th hit. Cleveland at Minnesota
1995—Aug. 31. WABC. Paul O’Neill’s 8 ribbys v. Cal.
1995—Sept. 24. WABC. Mattingly’s last regular season Yankee home game. Detroit at NY
1995—Sept. 27. WABC. Yanks beat Milwaukee to reduce Wild Card clincher to 3.
1995—Sept. 28. WGN. Mayhem at Wrigley! 20+ runs. Randy Myers attacked by fan etc.
1995—Sept. 29. WABC. Yanks beat Toronto to reduce Wild Card clincher to 2.
1995—Oct. 1. WJR. "Sparky’s" Tiger farewell. Detroit at Baltimore
1996—May 14. Yankees’ Doc Gooden no hits Seattle
1996—Sept. 6. Eddie Murray hits #500. WBAL. Detroit at Baltimore
1996—Sept. 7. WCCO. Kirby Puckett Nite. Cal. at Minn.
1996—Sept. 9. WFAN. Mets’ Lance Johnson’s 200th season’s hit. A Met record. FL at NY
1996—Sept. 14. WFAN. Hundley’s 41st homer breaking Roy Campanella’s 1953 record.
1996—Sept. 16. WCCO. Molitor’s 3000th hit. Minn. at KC
1996—Sept. 18. TV audio. Clemens fans 20 Tigers and ties a Bosox record.
1997—Apr. 15. WFAN. Jackie Robinson Night. LA at NY.
1997—May 21. WABC. Clemens wins #200. Toronto at NY
1997—June 16. WABC. Mets at Yanks. The first NY to NY game since 9/8/57.
1997—June 17. WABC. The 2nd NY Interleague game. Mets at Yanks.
1997—June 18. WABC. The 3rd NY Interleague game. Mets at Yanks
1997—July 12. Canadian radio. Clemens’s first return to Fenway. Fans 16 Red Sox.
1998—Mar 31. KMOX. McGwire becomes the 1st Cardinal to grand slam on Opening Day. v. LA
1998—Mar. 31. KTAR. Diamondbacks’ first game. Colo. at Ariz.
1998—Mar 31. WFLA. Devil Rays’ first game. Detroit at Tampa Bay.
1998—May 6. TV audio. Cubs’ Kerry Wood fans 20 Astros in a dominating performance.
1998—May 8. KMOX. McGwire becomes the 1st to ever hit 400 homers in less than 500 at bats
1998—May 11. WGN. Kerry Wood fans 13 to set the ML 2 game K record at 33. Cubs at D’backs
1998—May 17. WABC. Yankees David Wells’s perfect game over Minn.
1998—May 17. WCCO. Twins coverage of same game as above
1998—May 31. WABC. Bosox score 11 in third against the Yankees.
1998—June 3. WABC. "El Duque’s" debut. TB at NY
1998—June 25. WGN. Sosa hits 19th in June to set a ML record for homers in one month.
1998—June 28. KSFO. The A’s and Rockies in an interleague 20+ run slugfest.
1998—July 5. WABC. Yanks beat O’s to go 61-20 by mid-season. A record
1998—July 12. WABC. Yanks win 10th straight to go 65-20. NY at TB.
1998—July 25. WABC. Yanks Old Timers Day featuring plaque in CF dedicated to Mel Allen.
1998—Aug. 4. Game 2 of doubleheader. WABC. Yanks score 9 in the 9th v. Oakland.
1998—Aug. 13. WABC. "El Duque" breaks the Yankee rookie one game K record. Tex. at NY
1998—Sept. 4. WABC. Yanks win 100—the fastest any AL team won that many. NY at Chic.
1998—Sept. 5. KMOX. McGwire hits #60 to tie the Babe.
1998—Sept. 7. KMOX. McGwire hits #61 to tie Maris. Cubs at Cards
1998—Sept. 8. KMOX. McGwire hits #62 for the record. Cubs at Cards.
1998—Sept. 12. WGN. Sosa ties Ruth with homer #60 v. Brewers.
1998—Sept. 13. WGN. Sosa hits #s 61 and 62 v. Milwaukee.
1998—Sept. 14. WABC. "El Duque’s" 1st shutout. Bos. at NY
1998—Sept. 20. WABC. Ripken takes himself out of the lineup—ending streak at 2632. NY at Baltimore.
1998—Sept. 23. WABC. Yanks win #110 to tie the 1927 team’s wins. Cleveland at NY
1998—Sept. 24. WABC. Yanks win #111 to tie the 1954 Indians. TB at NY
1998—Sept. 24. WEEI. Bosox win AL Wild Card v. Baltimore
1998—Sept. 25. WABC. Yanks win #112 to set the all time A. L. single season win record. TB at NY
1998—Sept. 26. WABC. Yanks win #113. Cone wins 120. TB at NY
1998—Sept. 27. KMOX. McGwire hits #s 69 and 70 against the Expos.
1998—Sept. 27. WABC. Yanks win #114 to end the season. Spencer hits grand slam #3. TB at NY


Miscellaneous and Interesting

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1998—Oct. 8. WFAN’S "Mike & Mad Dog" discuss Knoublaugh’s gaff in game 2 of ALCS v. Cleveland
1998—Apr. 13. Yankee Stadium Falling Down? 90 minutes of news, interviews post cinder block.
1998—May 19. THE BRAWL! Benitez hits Tino and all hell breaks loose. Boys will be boys!
On one cassette: side 1 has Paul Douglas’s Chesterfield Sports on 9/28/38 and Rudy Valle interviewing Joe Louis on 6/27/35 (and) side 2: History of Milwaukee Braves 1953—1957
1996—Oct. 24. WFAN’S Mike & Mad Dod discussing Yankee comeback win in game 4 of 1996 WS
Bill Stern’s Sports Newsreel of 6/3/49 with Mrs. Gehrig, 3/25/46 with "Babe";11/25/49 with The 4 Horsemen of Notre Dame & 12/31/48 recap of 1948 sports.
Bill Stern with Jim Thorpe, Bucky Harris, Connie Mack & Sammy Baugh
Bill Stern with Burt Shotten & Joe Louis and on side 2 we have 5/19/39 Stan Lomax’s "Hit that Ball" with Jimmy Dykes and Muddy Ruehl
1957—1958. Harry Wismer with Banks, Paul Richards, Stengel and Podres
1957—1958. Wismer with Robin Roberts, "Campy, " Mickey Owen and Nellie Fox
1957—1958. Wismer with Mays, Wynn, Billy Pierce and Whitey Ford
1957—1958. Wismer with Ed Mathews, Allie Reynolds, Score and Aaron
1957—1958. Wismer with Maglie, Tebberts, Adcock and Burdette
1994—Apr. 9. WGN. WGN salutes Harry Caray on his 50th anniversary in broadcasting.
Mickey Mantle’s Memorable Moments—HIGHLIGHTS OF HIS CAREER
1997—July 12. WABC. Yankees Old Timers Day.
1989 San Francisco Giants Highlights
1958—1990. The Giants Greatest Hits (music)
1956—June 6. KMOX. Excerpts (one hour) . NY Giants (Gomez) at Cards (Kinder)
1996—June 19. One hour. The Yankees remember Mel Allen
1979—July 13. The morning after the Comiskey Disco Demolition. The MC is DRUNK as a skunk.
1982—Nov. 3. 72 minutes with Vin Scully and Larry King
1982—Oct. 22. 90 minutes of Larry King and Red Barber
1986—Gene Elston & Jerry Tripiani recap the Astros season.
1967—Cards recap with Harry Caray & Jack Buck. Side 2. Joe Garagiola’s humor
THE IMPOSSIBLE PIRATES with Bob Prince. Recap of 60 years of Buc baseball.
1985—June 10. KDKA salutes "The Gunner" on the day he died.
1970—June 28. Nellie King interviews Roberto before the last game at Forbes (and) 7/25/72 :Those Were the Days with Prince, Murtaugh, Joe Brown and Tom Gorman
1993—Aug. 14. Reggie Jackson day at Yankee Stadium. His #44 is retired.
1982—Dec. 31. KMOX. Recap of the sports year in Saint Louis
1962—Recap of SF Giants season with Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons
1951—Oct. 3. Last of 9th with Russ Hodges beginning with Whitey Lockman at bat and post game Giant clubhouse interviews (and) recap of 1951—NL race with Curt Gowdy & Ernie Harwell
1972—Oct. 24. Jackie Robinson remembered on the day he died.
REDS MEMORABILIA THROUGH THE YEARS Including excerpts from the 1940 World Series
1965—WAITE HOYT IN THE RAIN. Rain delay stories by a Cinc. broadcasting legend.
1967—THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. Recap of the Bosox season.
1975—Rain delay chat between Bob Prince and Ralph Kiner. The glory days at Forbes Field.
BASEBALL COMEDY. Red Jones and Joe Garagiola will bust you up.
1980 KC Royals highlights
1980 Phillies highlights
1969 Highlights of the Mets year
1965—Twins highlights with Halsey Hall and Ray Scott and Herb Carneal
BABE RUTH from the ‘20s to 1948. His first radio interviews, Babe interviews Gehrig etc.
1980—Apr. 30. WTAE. Myron Cope on Pirates and Steelers.
DIZZY DEAN 1948 RADIO SHOWS of July 3, 10, 17 and 24
DIZZY DEAN 1948 RADIO SHOWS of July 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21
DIZZY DEAN 1948 RADIO SHOWS of Aug. 28, Sept. 4, 11, 18
1959 Dodgers highlights featuring Roy Campanella Night in Los Angeles.
Harry Heilmann’s excerpted play—by—plays & a tribute to him on his death dated 7/9/51
1957-1958. Harry Wismer with Ewell Blackwell, Lollar, Turley and Fred Haney
Remembering broadcaster Bob Elson
Tribute to Ernie Harwell (and) 1953: "This Game of Baseball" with Bing Crosby
The History of Baseball from 1869—1969 narrated by actor Jimmy Stewart
Chuck Thompson’s Hits—a recap of a great broadcasting career
WGN salutes Harry Caray on the day he died, 2/18/98
"When Harry Met Baseball." A 1994 interview with Mr. Caray and Bob Costas
1965—A ton of Bob Feller Radio Programs
The 1975 Super Red Sox recap
Nolan Ryan’s early years from 1966-1979. The greatest power pitcher EVER!
Yankee Stadium—the sounds of a half century.
100 Years of Phillies baseball from 1876-1976
GOING GOING GONE. Some music, many memories and Abbott & Costello’s "Who’s On First."

All- Star Games

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1955—From Milwaukee. The only one with just the scoring inns. 2 hours 1956—From Washington, D. C.
1957—From St. Louis
1958—From Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium
1959—The 2nd one played that year at Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
1962—The 2nd one played that year at Wrigley Field, Chicago
1963—From Municipal Stadium, Cleveland
1964—From Shea Stadium
1965—From Minnesota’s Metropolitan Stadium
1966—From St. Louis
1967—From Anaheim Stadium
1968—From Houston
1969—From Washington, D. C.
1970—From Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium
1971—From Detroit. Reggie hits one to New York
1972—From Atlanta
1973—From Kansas City
1974—From Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium
1975—From Milwaukee
1976—From Philadelphia
1977—From Yankee Stadium
1978—From San Diego
1979—From Seattle
1980—From Dodgers Stadium
1981—From Cleveland
1982—From Montreal
1983—From Comiskey Park, Chicago
1984—From San Francisco
1985—From Minnesota
1986—From Houston
1987—From Oakland
1988—From Cincinnati
1989—From Anaheim
1990—From Wrigley Field, Chicago
1991—From Toronto
1992—From San Diego
1993—From Oriole Park, Camden Yards Baltimore
1994—From Pittsburgh
1995—From The Ballpark, Arlington Texas
1996—From Philadelphia
1997—From Cleveland
1998—From Colorado
1999—From Boston


Regular Season Games

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1934—Sept. 20. WWJ. Yanks (Broaca) at Tigers (Marberry)
1936—July 30. WMAQ. Phila. A’s (Rhodes) at White Sox (V. Kennedy)
1936—Oct. 2. WCFL. For Chicago Bragging Rights. Cubs (Warnecke) at Chisox (Monte Stratton)
1939—Sept. 21. Begins scoreless in bottom of 4th. Indians (Milnar) at Senators (Bass)
1950—June 11. Game 1 of doubleheader. Indians (Lemon) at Phila. A’s (Shantz) Some repetitive audio.
1950—Apr. 22. WMGM. NY Giants (Kramer) at Bklyn. Dodgers (Bankhead)
1950—May 13. WMGM. Bos. Braves (Bickford) at Brooklyn (Hatten)
1950—May 20. WMGM. Game 1 of doubleheader. Pirates (Queen) at Brooklyn (Bankhead)
1957—Aug. 31. WMGM. NY Giants (Worthington) at Brooklyn (Maglie)
1957—May 7. WMGM. Reds (Jeffcoat) at Bklyn. (Podres)
1957—Apr. 21. WMGM. Game 1 of doubleheader. Pirates (Law) at Brooklyn (Newcombe)
1957—May 30. WMGM. Game 1 of doubleheader. Bklyn. (Maglie) at Pirates (Law)
1957—June 4. WMGM. Cubs (Drott) at Bklyn. Dodgers (Sandy Koufax)
1957—July 14. WMGM. Milwaukee Braves (Buhl) at Bklyn. (Maglie)
1957—July 28. WMGM. Brooklyn (Podres) at Reds (Lawrence)
1958—May 11. NY NETW. Game 1 of doubleheader. Senators (Stobbs) at Yankees (Shantz)
1959—Apr. 12. NY NETW. Opening Day. Red Sox (Brewer) at Yanks (Turley)
1960—May 8. NY NETW. White Sox (Pierce) at Yanks (Ditmar)
1960—May 31. Yanks (Ford) at Orioles (Walker)
1960—June 6. Chisox (Pierce) at Yanks (Ford)
1960—June 28. K. C. A’s (Daley) at Yanks (Turley). Missing first batter
1960—July 5. Yanks (Terry) at Senators (Ramos)
1960—Aug. 21. Yanks (Ford) at Senators (Lee)
1960—Sept. 16. Orioles (Barber) at Yanks (Ford)
1960—Aug. 30. K. C. A’s (Daley) at Yanks (Turley)
1961—May 30. Yanks blast seven homers at Fenway Park.
1961—Aug. 12. Maris hits #43. Yanks (Stafford) at Senators (Donovan)
1961—Aug. 20. Game 1 of doubleheader. M & M homer. Yanks (Terry) at Indians (J. Perry)
1961—Sept. 3. Mantle hits Is 49 & 50. Tigers (Bunning) at Yanks (Stafford)
1962—Mar. 24. Exhibition. Mets (Miller) at K.C. A’s
1962—Apr. 14. The 2nd Met home game. Pirates at Mets
1962—Apr. 17. Yanks (Ford) at Orioles (Brown)
1962—Apr. 25. Mets (Miller) at Reds (Purkey)
1962—May 11. Milwaukee Braves (Shaw) at Mets (A. Jackson). Throneberry’s Met debut
1962—May 13. Game 1 of DOUBLEHEADER. Yanks (Ford) at Indians (Donovan)
1962—May 13. Game 2 of DOUBLEHEADER. Yanks (Bouton) at Indians (Bell)
1962—May 13. Milwaukee Braves (Butler) at Mets (Hook)
1962—May 18. Mets (Craig) at Braves (Spahn)
1962—May 20. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Miller) at Braves (Curtis)
1962—May 20. Game 2 of doubleheader. Mets (Jackson) at Braves (Cloninger)
1962—May 21. Mets (Hillman) at Colt .45s (Golden)
1962—May 23. Their first meeting. Mets (Craig) at Dodgers (Drysdale)
1962—May 24. Mets (Miller) at Dodgers (Podres)
1962—May 27. Game 1 of doubleheader. Tigers (Lary) at Yanks (Terry)
1962—May 27. Game 2 of doubleheader. Tigers (Foytack) at Yanks (Turley)
1962—June 1. The Giants are back to NY. S. F. (Pierce) at Mets (Craig) . SIX HOMERS.
1962—June 6. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Craig) at Phils (McLish)
1962—June 8. KMOX. Giants (Marichal) at Cards (Gibson)
1962—June 10. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Craig) at Cubs (Ellsworth)
1962—June 11. Mets (Al Jackson) at Colt .45s (Farrell)
1962—June 14. Mets (Hook) at Colt .45s (Bruce). Met fans beware of this one!
1962—June 15. Cubs (Anderson) at Mets (Craig)
1962—June 17. Game 1 of doubleheader. Cubs (Hobbie) at Mets (Jackson)
1962—July 1. Game 1 of doubleheader. L. A. Angels (Lee) at Yanks (Terry)
1962—July 8. MUSIAL HITS THREE! Cards (Gibson) at Mets (Hook)
1962—July 13. Dodgers (Drysdale) at Mets (Jackson)
1962—July 15. Game 1 of doubleheader. Giants (Pierce) at Mets (Hook)
1962—July 21. Mets (Anderson) at Reds (Purkey)
1962—Aug. 2. Phils (Mahaffey) at Mets (Anderson)
1962—Aug. 4. Reds (Klippstein) at Mets (Craig) Reds fans. beware of this one!
1962—Aug. 25. Howard Cosell pregame program. Dodgers at Mets
1962—Sept. 18. Game 1 of doubleheader. Colt .45s (Johnson) at Mets (Jackson)
1963—Apr. 21. Game 1 of doubleheader. Braves (Burdette) at Mets (Cisco)
1963—Apr. 26. Game 2 of doubleheader. Pete Rose as a rookie. Reds at Mets in a 20+ run slugfest.
1963—May 22. Mets (Willey) at Dodgers (Drysdale)
1963—May 30. Game 2 of doubleheader. Cubs (Hobbie) at Mets (Hook)
1963—June 8. Cards (Broglio) at Mets (Craig)
1963—June 9. Game 2 of doubleheader. Cards (Sadecki) at Mets (Hook)
1963—June 16. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Jackson) at Reds (Maloney)
1963—July 6. Pirates (Schwall) at Mets (Downing)
1963—July 7. Pirates (Law) at Mets (Hook)
1964—Apr. 5. On the day Gen. MacArthur died—bulletin given. Colt .45s at Yank (exhibition)
1964—Apr. 11. Exhibition. Mets (Stallard) at Orioles (Barber)
1964—Apr. 12. Exhibition. Yankees at Richmond Virginians
1964—May 31. Yankees (Downing) at K. C. A’s (O’Donohue)
1964—Aug. 16. Phils (Mahaffey) at Mets (Cisco)
1964—Aug. 30. Red Sox (Heffner) at Yanks (Stottlemyre)
1964—Sept. 7. Game 2 of doubleheader. Colt . 45s (Don Larsen) at Mets (Fisher)
1964—Sept. 13. Mets (Fisher) at Dodgers (Drysdale)
1965—Apr. 22. Mets (Fisher) at Dodgers (Koufax)
1965—Apr. 25. Game 1 of doubleheader. L. A. Angels (Lopez) at Yanks (Ford)
1965—Apr. 25. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Jackson) at Giants (Marichal)
1965—May 2. Game 1 of doubleheader. Orioles (McNally) at Yanks (Stottlemyre)
1965—May 9. Yanks (Ford) at Senators (Ortega)
1965—May 11. Cards (Gibson) at Mets (Spahn)
1965—June 4. Mets (Fisher) at Pirates (Friend)
1965—July 4. Yanks (Bouton) at Bosox (Monbouquette)
1965—July 11. Yanks (Downing) at Twins (Kaat)
1965—July 18. Game 2 of doubleheader. Mets (Kroll) at Braves (Fischer)
1965—July 30. Mets (Jackson) at Phils (Burdette)
1965—Aug. 10. Koufax fans 14 and wins #20. Mets (Downing) at Dodgers
1965—Aug. 25. Dodgers (Osteen) at Mets (Fisher)
1965—Sept. 10. Milwaukee Braves (Blasingame) at Mets (Fisher)
1966—May 8. Yanks (Downing) at Cal. Angels (Chance)
1966—May 18. Reds (Ellis) at Mets (Hamilton)
1966—May 22. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Bearnarth) at Giants (Marichal)
1966—July 17. Game 2 of doubleheader. Astros (Giusti) at Mets (Friend)
1966—July 31. Cubs (Hands) at Mets (Shaw)
1966—Sept. 4. Phils (Short) at Mets (McGraw)
1966—Sept. 24. Mets (Shaw) at Reds (Pappas)
1966—Sept. 25. Bosox (Fischer) at Yanks (Bouton). Bobby Richardson’s final home game.
1967—May 21. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mick hits #504. Yankees at Tigers
1967—May 22. Dodgers (Singer) at Mets (Seaver)
1967—May 23. Dodgers (Drysdale) at Mets (Estrada)
1967—May 26. Braves (Johnson) at Mets (Cardwell)
1967—May 28. Mick hits #507. Yanks (Stottlemyre) at Indians (Bell)
1967—June 4. Game 1 of doubleheader. Tigers (Lolich) at Yanks (Downing)
1967—June 4. Game 2 of doubleheader. Tigers (Aguirre) at Yanks (Peterson)
1967—June 11. KFI. Game 1 of doubleheader. Dodgers (Singer) at Cards (Washburn)
1967—June 11. KFI. Game 2 of doubleheader. Dodgers (Sutton) at Cards (L. Jackson)
1967—June 11. Game 1 of doubleheader. Mets (Fisher) ) at Cubs (Jenkins)
1967—June 20. Mets (Hendley) at Phils (L. Jackson)
1967—June 26. Pirates (Blass) at Mets (Shaw)
1967—July 2. Game 1 of doubleheader. Cards (Hughes) at Mets (Hendley)
1967—July 2. Game 2 of doubleheader. Cards (Carlton) at Mets (Lamabe)
1967—July 8. TV audio. Bosox (Stange) at Tigers (McLain)
1967—July 9. Braves (Johnson) at Mets (Fisher)
1967—Aug. 27. Yanks (Peterson) at Senators (Ortega)
1967—Sept. 12. Harry Caray & Jack Buck. Phils (Wise) at Cards (Gibson)
1968—May 21. Yanks (Stottlemyre) at Senators (Coleman)
1968—June 11. Mantle hits #526. Chisox (Horlen) at Yanks (Talbot)
1968—Aug. 25. Game 1 of doubleheader. Colavito RELIEF PITCHES for Yanks. Tigers at Yanks
1968—Aug. 25. Game 2 of doubleheader. Colavito HOMERS for Yanks. Tigers at Yanks
1969—May 13. NY NETW. Yanks (Stottlemyre) at Seattle Pilots (Gary Bell)
1969—July 12. NBC—TV Game of Week. Phils (Wise) at Cubs (Fergy Jenkins)
1969—July 13. Game 2 of doubleheader. Yanks (Downing) at Senators (Shellenback)
1969—July 14. Mets (Seaver) at Cubs (Hands). A great pitching duel
1969—July 20. KFI. "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED." Dodgers at Giants
1969—July 27. KFI. Dodgers (Drysdale) at Cubs (Jenkins)
1969—Aug. 31. KFI. Phillies (Wise) at Dodgers (Singer)
1969—Sept. 3. KFI. Ryan relief pitches and Vin discusses the newcomer. Mets at Dodgers
1969—Sept. 4. KFI. Dodgers (Singer) at Padres (Kelley)
1969—Sept. 11. KFI. Dodgers (Osteen) at Astros (Wilson)
1969—Sept. 12. KFI. Padres (Santorini) at Dodgers (Singer)
1969—Sept. 22. KMPC with Dick Enberg. Pilots (Brunet) at Angels (Messersmith)
1969—Sept. 24. KSFO with Russ Hodges. Giants (Marichal) at Padres (Santorini)
1969—Sept. 27. KSFO. Giants (McCormick) at Dodgers (Osteen)
1969—Sept. 27. KFI. Giants (McCormick) at Dodgers (Osteen)
1969—Sept. 30. KABC. Astros (LeMaster) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1970—Apr. 30. Mets (Ryan) at Giants (McCormick)
1970—May 5. Dodgers (Vance) at Mets (Ryan)
1970—June 3. KC at NY. Interrupted by President Nixon’s speech about our withdrawal from Cambodia
1970—June 5. KSFO with Russ Hodges. Giants (Marichal) at Cubs (Jenkins)
1970—July 5. Game 1 of doubleheader. Senators (Bosman) at Yankees (Peterson)
1970—July 12. Yanks (Stottlemyre) at Senators (Hannan)
1971—Apr. 4. WMAQ. Exhibition for City Champs. Chisox at Cubs with Harry Caray
1971—Apr. 10. KFI. Padres (Roberts) at Dodgers (Osteen)
1971—Apr. 12. KFI. Cubs (Holtzman) at Dodgers (Vance)
1971—May 4. Cubs (Pappas) at Mets (Ryan)
1971—May 16. KABC. Dodgers (Osteen) at Giants (G. Perry)
1971—May 16. Mets (Ryan) at Pirates (Ellis)
1971—May 26. KMPC. A MUST FOR ANGELS FANS. Angels at A’s.
1971—May 27. KABC. Giants (Bryant) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1971—June 2. KMPC. Angels (Wright) at Senators (McLain)
1971—June 4. KMPC. Angels (Messersmith) at Red Sox (Peters)
1971—June 5. KMPC. Angels (Murphy) at Red Sox (Lonborg)
1971—June 11. KFI. Whole game called by Yin Scully. Dodgers BOMB the Expos
1971—June 15. KABC. Begins scoreless in bottom of 1st. Dodgers (Downing) at Mets (Nolan Ryan)
1971—June 20. KFI. Dodgers (Sutton) at Reds (Gullett)
1971—July 8. KFI. Game 1 of doubleheader. A THRILLER! Cubs (Pappas) at Dodgers (Downing)
1971—July 9. KMPC. Angels (Murphy) at Twins (Luber)
1971—Aug. 12. Mets (Ryan) at Padres (Arlin)
1971—Sept. 19. Game 1 of doubleheader. KFI. Braves (Niekro) at Dodgers (Downing)
1971—Sept. 19. Game 2 of doubleheader. Braves (Reed) at Dodgers (Sutton) KFI
1971—Sept. 23. KFI. Dodgers (Sutton) at Braves (Reed)
1971—Sept. 30. KFI. One batter missing. Game #162. Astros at Dodgers
1972—Apr. 15. Opening Day. KFI. Dodgers (Sutton) at Reds (Billingham)
1972—June 17. Game 1 of doubleheader. Rangers first year. Texas (Bosman) at Yanks (Kline)
1972—July 30. WTIC. Bosox (McGlothen) at Tigers (Seelbach)
1972—Aug. 20. WTIC. Game 1 of doubleheader. Bosox (McGlothen) at Chisox (Wood)
1972—Sept. 1. KFI. Game 2 of doubleheader. Dodgers (Downing) at Cards (Santorini)
1973—July 3. Mets (McAndrew) at Expos (McAnally)
1973—Sept. 12. KFI. Reds beat Dodgers to drive to the N. L. West title
1973—Sept. 15. KDKA with "The Gunner". Pirates at Cards
1973—Sept. 17. KFI. Giants (Barr) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1973—Sept. 21. KFI. Reds (Billingham) at Dodgers (Osteen)
1973—Sept. 25. KMPC. Texas (Dunning) at Angels (Singer)
1973—Sept. 26. Byrum Saam. Phils (Lonborg) at Pirates (McKee)
1973—Sept. 28. KMPC. Twins (Fife) at Angels (May)
1973—Sept. 28. KFI Dodgers (John) at Padres (Corkins)
1974—Mar. 9. KMPC. Exhibition. A’s (Blue) at Angels (Singer)
1974—Mar. 10. Exhibition. Padres (Romo) at Angels (Ryan)
1974—Aug. 13. "The Gunner" Pirates at Reds
1974—Sept. 11. "THE GUNNER" Pirates at Phillies
1974—Sept. 15. KABC. Reds at Dodgers
1974—Sept. 17. "The Gunner" Cards at Pirates
1974—Sept. 18. "The Gunner" Cards at Pirates
1974—Sept. 25. "The Gunner" Pirates at Cards
1974—Sept. 27. "The Gunner" Pirates at Mets
1974—Sept. 28. "The Gunner" Pirates at Mets
1975—Sept. 6. WMAQ. Twins (Blyleven) at White Sox (J. Kaat)
1976—Apr. 15. 1st game in new Yankee Stadium. Twins at Yanks
1976—Aug. 26. WCAU. Phillies at Reds
1976—Sept. 12. Game 1 of doubleheader. KFI. Braves (Niekro) at Dodgers (Rau)
1976—Sept. 16. WCAU. In Phila. , Bucs and Phils battle for the Division title.
1977—Apr. 17. Game 1 of doubleheader. Ned Martin & Jim Woods. Bosox at Indians
1977—July 25. WMAQ. THE PERFECT GAME FOR A CHISOX FAN! Chisox at Red Sox
1978—Apr. 7. WCAU. Opening Night at the "Vet." Cards at Phillies (Carlton)
1978—Apr. 7. KDKA. The Bucs home opener. Cubs (Reuschel) at Pirates (Candelaria)
1978—Apr. 8. NY NETW. Opener. Yanks (Guidry) at Rangers (Matlack)
1978—Apr. 29. WLW. Rose hits 3 homers as Reds BOMB the Mets
1978—May 16. WCAU. FOR ASTROS FANS! Phils at Astros
1978—May 24. WBAL with Chuck Thompson. Game 2 of doubleheader. Tigers at Orioles
1979—Apr. 6. KOKA. Season opener. Expos (Rogers) at Pirates (Blyleven)
1979—Apr. 24. NY NETW. Mike Scott’s ML debut. Giants (Blue) at Mets
1979—May 1. KMOX. WHAT A GAME FOR A CARDS FAN! Houston at St. Louis.
1979—May 5. KMOX. "We are Family" Pirates and the Cards in a humdinger.
1979—June 15. WIBS. The Royals and Brewers in a 20+ run slugfest.
1980—May 3. KYW. Here’s why it was a Phillie year! Dodgers at Phils
1980—July 4. WWWE. MURCER SLAMS! Yanks (Guidry) at Indians (Barker)
1980—Aug. 24. KYW. Yes it WAS a Phillie year! SF (Knepper) at Phils (Ruthven)
1981—Apr. 22. KABC. Fernando’s ERA after 4 starts is still 1.00. Dodgers at Astros
1981—May 8. KABC. Fernando’s 7th straight win. Mets at Dodgers
1982—Apr. 23. IT WAS A CARDINAL YEAR. This is #11 win in a row. St. Louis at Phila.
1983—Sept. 9. WMAQ. Britt Burns 1 hits the Angels and the Chisox edge closer to the Div. title
1983—Sept. 10. WMAQ. The Chisox and Angels in a barnburner.
1983—Sept. 11. WMAQ. Chisox win 7th straight to reduce magic number to 4. Cal. at Chic.
1983—Sept. 15. WMAQ. Chisox lower magic number to 2 by beating Seattle.
1984—May 8. WGN. The Giants at Cubs in a BIG BIG slugfest.
1984—Sept. 13. WGN. Cubs beat Expos as they drive to the Division title.
1984—Sept. 23. WGN. Game 2 of doubleheader. Cubs clinch a Div. tie. They beat the Cards.
1985—Apr. 9. KABC. The 20th Anniv. of Astrodome. Nolan Ryan stymies the Dodgers
1985—Aug. 23. KABC. Dodgers beat Expos on TWO GRAND SLAMS.
1985—Sept. 20. KNOX. The Cards BIG comeback win over the Expos
1985—Oct. 3. KMOX. Cards reduce their magic number to 2. Mets at Cards
1986—June 20. NY NETW. The Mets BOMB the Cubs
1987—Sept. 24. WCCO. The Twins drive to the Division title v. Texas
1988—Apr. 9. NY NETW. Al Leiter’s 1st start. Brewers at Yankees
1988—Apr. 13. NY NETW. Yankees (Dotson) at Blue Jays9Stieb)
1988—Apr. 17. NY NETW. Yankees (Candelaria) Brewers (Higuera)
1988—Apr. 24. NY NETW. Mets (Ojeda) at Cardinals (Cox)
1988—May 15. NY NETW. Angels (Finley) at Yankees (Hudson)
1988—May 16. NY NETW. Mariners (Moore) at Yanks (Candelaria)
1988—June 12. NY NETW. Orioles (Tibbs) at Yankees (John)
1988—June 18. NY NETW. Yanks (Rhoden) at Indians (Bailes)
1988—July 1. NY NETW. Astros (Andujar) at Mets (Darling)
1988—July 15. NY NETW. Chisox (McDowell) at Yanks (Rhoden)
1988—July 18. NY NETW. Texas (Kilgus) at Yankees (Dotson)
1988—July 30. NY NETW. Yanks (Candelaria) at Blue Jays (Flanagan)
1988—Aug. 8. NY NETW. Mets (Ojeda) at Bucs (Reed) . Reed's 1st start
1988—Sept. 5. NY NETW. Mets (Cone) at Bucs (LaPoint)
1988—Sept. 11. NY NETW. Mets (Ojeda) at Expos (D. Martinez)
1988—Sept. 14. NY NETW. Yanks (Dotson) at Indians (Yett)
1988—Sept. 12. NY NETW. Mets drive to the NL East title v. the Bucs
1988—Sept. 15. NY NETW. Yanks (Rhoden) at Bosox (Clemens)
1988—Sept. 18. NY NETW. Yanks (Guidry) at Bosox (Smithson)
1988—Sept. 18. WFAN. Mets reduce magic number to 4. Expos at Mets
1989—Aug. 22. KNBR. Kevin Mitchell hits #40 as Giants beat the Mets
1990—May 10. WIW. IT WAS A REDS YEAR! They score 8 in the 8th v. Pittsburgh
1991—Sept. 24. WCCO. Twins beat Chisox to reduce their magic number to 3.
1992—July 12. WSB. Braves clobber Cubs as Blauser hits 3 dingers.
1993—May 17. WOGL. The Phillies CLOBBER the Marlins
1993—July 25. WABC. Angels lead Yanks 8-0. Guess what? Yanks win it.
1993—Aug. 15. WABC. MATTINGLY TO THE RESCUE! Orioles at Yankees
1993—Sept. 11. WSB. Braves STOMP Padres to take over first place in NL West
1993—Sept. 15. OH WHAT A BRAVES WIN! The Reds are the opponent.
1993—Sept. 18. WABC. This one’s for the books! The IMPROBABLE YANKEE win v. Bos.
1993—Sept. 24. WMAQ. Chisox lower magic number to 3 by beating the Rangers.
1993—Oct. 2. WSB. Braves magic number falls to 2 as they beat the Rockies.
1995—Sept. 17. WTIC. Bosox reduce their magic number to 2 by beating the Indians
1996—Apr. 2. WABC. Opening Day. Derek and Bernie. Yanks beat Indians
1996—June 29. WABC. Yanks beat Orioles in NY. Mussina v. Pettitte
1996—July 1. WABC. Yank win #48. Bos. (Clemens) at Yanks (Key)
1996—July 13. Game 2 of doubleheader. WABC. Yanks beat O’s in game 3 of "Hurricane Bertha" weekend sweep.
1996—July 14. Yanks beat O’s in game 4 of the "Hurricane Bertha" weekend sweep.
1996—Sept. 22. WABC. Yanks’ magic number falls to 4 as they beat Bosox
1998—Sept. 17. WABC. Yanks record goes to 105-46. Irabu STYMIES the Devil Rays.
1998—Sept. 18. WABC. Yanks go to 106-46 as they beat O’s with 7 in the 9th
1998—Sept. 22. WABC. Game 1 of doubleheader. Yanks go to 108-48 as Spencer hits 2 in Cleveland.






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