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"I could make an appearance every day. They think I'm Jewish. I've done six Bar Mitzvahs already. Just think if I had an H in my name."
--David Cone, New York Mets pitcher

Events of Monday, June 6, 1983

Events of Monday, June 6, 1983

6-5-1983 6-7-1983   6-6-1982 6-6-1984 

TOR A    0  0  0    1  0  0  -   1  5  2
BAL A    3  0  2    0  3  x  -   8  6  0
WP: McGregor (7-3)
LP: Leal (5-4)
HRs: Johnson (10), Ripken (8), Hernandez (5)

DET A    1  0  2    1  0  0    2  5  0  -  11 18  0
BOS A    1  0  3    0  0  1    0  0  1  -   6 12  3
WP: Berenguer (2-0)
LP: Stanley (4-3)
SV: Lopez (8)
HRs: Whitaker (4), Cabell (1), Trammell (3), Evans (8), Hoffman (1)

CAL A    0  0  1    0  0  0    0  6  0  -   7 10  1
MIL A    1  0  0    2  0  5    1  0  x  -   9 16  0
WP: McClure (2-7)
LP: Goltz (0-4)
SV: Tellmann (5)
HRs: Ron Jackson (2), Grich (5), Boone (3), Molitor (4)

SEA A    0  0  0    0  0  0    1  1  0  -   2  6  1
NY  A    0  0  1    0  0  0    0  5  x  -   6 11  0
WP: Guidry (8-3)
LP: Vande Berg (1-2)
HRs: Kemp (6), Nettles 2 (7)


Standings At Close of Play of June 6, 1983

NL East

Team Name                        G    W    L   PCT    GB    RS   RA
St. Louis Cardinals             48   27   21  .563     -   220  199
Montreal Expos                  48   26   22  .542   1.0   199  183
Philadelphia Phillies           45   21   24  .467   4.5   176  176
Chicago Cubs                    50   22   28  .440   6.0   203  217
Pittsburgh Pirates              47   18   29  .383   8.5   154  213
New York Mets                   49   18   31  .367   9.5   170  198

NL West

Team Name                        G    W    L   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Los Angeles Dodgers             51   35   16  .686     -   218  168
Atlanta Braves                  52   34   18  .654   1.5   252  190
San Francisco Giants            52   28   24  .538   7.5   225  230
San Diego Padres                51   24   27  .471  11.0   217  198
Houston Astros                  54   24   30  .444  12.5   219  248
Cincinnati Reds                 53   23   30  .434  13.0   214  247

AL East

Team Name                        G    W    L   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Baltimore Orioles               53   30   23  .566     -   258  226
Boston Red Sox                  51   28   23  .549   1.0   235  233
Toronto Blue Jays               51   28   23  .549   1.0   225  194
Milwaukee Brewers               50   26   24  .520   2.5   244  216
New York Yankees                52   27   25  .519   2.5   236  232
Detroit Tigers                  51   26   25  .510   3.0   239  225
Cleveland Indians               51   23   28  .451   6.0   212  225

AL West

Team Name                        G    W    L   PCT    GB    RS   RA
California Angels               53   30   23  .566     -   271  227
Oakland Athletics               52   26   26  .500   3.5   220  245
Kansas City Royals              48   23   24  .489   4.0   201  220
Texas Rangers                   51   24   26  .480   4.5   196  208
Chicago White Sox               51   24   27  .471   5.0   234  233
Minnesota Twins                 54   23   31  .426   7.5   276  286
Seattle Mariners                56   23   33  .411   8.5   170  247
ML League Leaders 
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Amateur Free-Agent Draft

1st round (1st pick) MIN A Tim Belcher (did not sign)
1st round (2nd pick) CIN N Kurt Stillwell
1st round (3rd pick) TEX A Jeff Kunkel
1st round (4th pick) NY  N Eddie Williams
1st round (7th pick) SEA A Darrel Akerfelds
1st round (8th pick) HOU N Robbie Wine
1st round (9th pick) TOR A Matt Stark
1st round (10th pick) SD  N Ray Hayward
1st round (11th pick) CLE A Dave Clark
1st round (13th pick) CHI A Joel Davis
1st round (16th pick) MON N Brian Holman
1st round (17th pick) SEA A Terry Bell
1st round (19th pick) BOS A Roger Clemens
1st round (20th pick) NY  N Stan Jefferson
1st round (21st pick) KC  A Gary Thurman
1st round (22nd pick) PHI N Ricky Jordan
1st round (24th pick) STL N Jim Lindeman
1st round (26th pick) MIL A Dan Plesac
1st round (27th pick) NY  N Calvin Schiraldi
1st round (28th pick) CHI A Russ Morman
2nd round CLE A Andy Allanson
2nd round CHI N Rich Amaral
2nd round MIL A Glenn Braggs
2nd round SEA A Mickey Brantley
2nd round BOS A Mike Brumley
2nd round PIT N Stan Fansler
2nd round TOR A Webster Garrison
2nd round STL N Gary Green (did not sign)
2nd round LA  N Luis Lopez
2nd round NY  N Dave Magadan
2nd round CIN N Joe Oliver
2nd round SF  N Jeff Robinson
2nd round CIN N Chris Sabo
2nd round MIN A Bill Swift (did not sign)
3rd round NY  N Rick Aguilera
3rd round TEX A Randy Asadoor
3rd round ATL N Marty Clary
3rd round TOR A Jeff DeWillis
3rd round SEA A Dave Hengel
3rd round CAL A Wally Joyner
3rd round DET A Jeff Robinson
3rd round SD  N Ed Vosberg
4th round MIL A Mike Birkbeck
4th round CAL A Pat Clements
4th round ATL N Ron Gant
4th round SF  N Charlie Hayes
4th round TOR A Jeff Hearron
4th round NY  A Mitch Lyden
4th round CHI A Bruce Tanner
4th round NY  N David West
4th round SEA A Bill Wilkinson
5th round CHI N Steve Engel
5th round CIN N Lenny Harris
5th round KC  A Scott Hemond (did not sign)
5th round MIL A Joey Meyer
5th round TEX A Bob Sebra
5th round NY  A Todd Stottlemyre (did not sign)
5th round MON N Cliff Young
6th round SF  N John Burkett
6th round NY  N Marcus Lawton
6th round OAK A John Leister (did not sign)
6th round LA  N Scott May
6th round MON N Bill Moore
6th round SEA A Scott Nielsen
6th round PHI N Kevin Ward
7th round SF  N Mike Aldrete
7th round CHI N Jacob Brumfield
7th round MON N Erik Hanson (did not sign)
7th round BOS A John Mitchell
7th round OAK A Jose Tolentino
8th round PHI N Jeff Bronkey (did not sign)
8th round BOS A Dana Kiecker
8th round DET A Rob Mallicoat (did not sign)
8th round STL N Tom Pagnozzi
8th round ATL N Steve Ziem
9th round ATL N Jay Buhner (did not sign)
9th round TOR A Glenallen Hill
9th round CIN N Jeff Montgomery
9th round MIL A Jeff Parrett
9th round OAK A Terry Steinbach
9th round DET A Jim Walewander
10th round OAK A Brian Dorsett
10th round HOU N Roger Samuels
11th round OAK A Greg Cadaret
11th round ATL N Kevin Coffman
11th round CHI A Doug Drabek
11th round TOR A Mike Raczka (did not sign)
11th round KC  A Kevin Seitzer
12th round BOS A Kirt Manwaring (did not sign)
12th round PIT N John Smiley
13th round PHI N Kevin Campbell (did not sign)
13th round CHI N Mike Capel
13th round NY  N Jeff Innis
14th round KC  A Tom Edens
15th round MIL A Mark Ciardi
15th round BOS A Mike Dalton
15th round NY  A Steve Frey
16th round CAL A Ray Chadwick
16th round CLE A John Farrell (did not sign)
17th round NY  A Brad Brink (did not sign)
18th round DET A D.J. Dozier (did not sign)
20th round NY  A John Hoover (did not sign)
21st round PIT N Steve Carter (did not sign)
21st round LA  N Shawn Gilbert (did not sign)
22nd round LA  N Mike Fetters (did not sign)
23rd round ATL N Jim Hunter (did not sign)
23rd round CHI N Jeff King (did not sign)
23rd round CLE A John Ramos (did not sign)
23rd round KC  A Jeff Schulz
23rd round OAK A Gary Wayne (did not sign)
23rd round DET A Carl Willis
24th round STL N John Costello
24th round PHI N Tom Newell
26th round CAL A Shawn Hillegas (did not sign)
27th round CAL A Chris Beasley (did not sign)
27th round ATL N Mark Lemke
27th round SEA A Rick Luecken
27th round NY  N Matt Williams (did not sign)
28th round HOU N Tom Funk
29th round PHI N Michael Jackson (did not sign)
30th round KC  A Todd Zeile (did not sign)
31st round MIL A Dan Gakeler (did not sign)
36th round NY  N Joe Klink
39th round TEX A Les Lancaster (did not sign)
40th round NY  A Scott Arnold (did not sign)
1st round (1st pick) secondary phase MIN A Oddibe McDowell (did not sign)
1st round (2nd pick) secondary phase SF  N Robby Thompson
1st round (7th pick) secondary phase OAK A Rob Nelson
1st round (9th pick) secondary phase NY  A Brad Arnsberg
1st round (11th pick) secondary phase BOS A Randy Byers (did not sign)
1st round (20th pick) secondary phase CIN N Rob Dibble
2nd round secondary phase NY  A Bill Fulton
2nd round secondary phase PHI N Mike Henneman (did not sign)
2nd round secondary phase MIL A Alex Madrid
2nd round secondary phase BAL A Bob Milacki
2nd round secondary phase TEX A Jody Reed (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase DET A Chris Cron (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase TEX A Mark Higgins (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase OAK A Luis Medina (did not sign)
3rd round secondary phase PHI N Ken Patterson (did not sign)
4th round secondary phase ATL N Tom Prince (did not sign)
5th round secondary phase PIT N Rich Sauveur


Philadelphia Phillies released Bob Molinaro.

Milwaukee Brewers traded Gorman Thomas, Jamie Easterly and Ernie Camacho to
Cleveland Indians in exchange for Rick Manning and Rick Waits.


Total Baseball: The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia by John Thorn, et al.
2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia by Gary Gillette (Editor), Pete Palmer (Editor).

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