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Who Am I?
I hit a homer off Ron Darling in game 3 of the NLCS in 1986, the same year I finished 11th in NL MVP voting for my solid play at 2B.

Who am I?

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By Patrick Mondout

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Week of
4/28 - 5/4
This Week in BaseballChronology: Two No Hitters in Two days?
May 1, 1969: The Reds no-hit the Astros 10-0 on the previous day, leaving the Astros Don Wilson fuming over an incident a week earlier. How did he get his revenge? Read more...
Week of
4/20 - 4/27
This Week in BaseballChronology: Gets No-Hitter, Loses Game...
April 23, 1964: Imagine getting a no-hitter and still losing the game. And all because of an error by a Hall of Fame second baseman. Read more...
BaseballChronology Anniversary: Henry Chadwick...
The "Father of Baseball" died 100 yeas ago today (April 20, 1908). Read more about his life...
Week of
4/14 - 4/20
This Week in BaseballChronology: First Presidential First Pitch...
April 14, 1910: Imagine losing a no-hitter on opening day in front of the president because your right fielder tripped over a small boy! That's exactly what happened. Nor was Taft expecting to throw out the first pitch that day. Read more...
Week of
4/7 - 4/13
This Week in BaseballChronology: 31 Years Ago...
Two new expansion teams debuted in the 1977 season: the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays. The Mariners lost their opener inside the new Kingdome on April 6 (boxscore) while the Blue Jays opened the following day at Exhibition Stadium in a snowstorm. Read more...
BaseballChronology Person of the Month: Kenesaw Mountain Landis...
Kenesaw Mountain Landis was the first commissioner of baseball. Prior to that he was a well-known federal judge. The two jobs were more closely linked than you might at first assume. Read more...
BaseballChronology Crossword of the Week: San Francisco Giants
In honor of their 50 years in San Francisco, this week's crossword features the Giants.
Week of
This Week in BaseballChronology: First Ever Designated Hitter...
April 6, 1973: The Yankees' Ron Blomberg became the first DH. Read more...
BaseballChronology Crossword of the Week: Los Angeles Dodgers
In honor of their 50 years in Los Angeles, this week's crossword features the Dodgers.
Week of
3/22 - 3/29
This Week in BaseballChronology: Lucchesi vs. Randle...
March 28, 1977: Texas Rangers manager Frank Lucchesi finally pushes Lenny Randle over the edge and gets his clock cleaned. Lucchesi is sent to the hospital and Randle is sent to the Mets. Lucchesi loses his job by June as the Rangers go through four managers in a week! Read more...
BaseballChronology Crossword of the Week: Seattle Mariners
This week's crossword features the Seattle Mariners.





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