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Who Am I?
I hit a homer off Ron Darling in game 3 of the NLCS in 1986, the same year I finished 11th in NL MVP voting for my solid play at 2B.

Who am I?

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The BY Directory of Players

The BY Directory of Players

1943 1960 Bud Byerly, Eldred William
1899 1899 Burley Byers, Burley
1904 1904 Bill Byers, James William
1987 1988 Randy Byers, Randall Parker
2002 2004 Mike Bynum, Michael Alan
1950 1957 Harry Byrd, Harry Gladwin
1993 1993 Jim Byrd, James Edward
1977 1977 Jeff Byrd, Jeffrey Alan
2002 2004 Marlon Byrd, Marlon Jerrard
1995 2004 Paul Byrd, Paul Gregory
1929 1936 Samuel Byrd, Samuel Dewey
1998 2000 Tim Byrdak, Timothy Christopher
1929 1929 Jerry Byrne, Gerald Wilford
1907 1917 Bobby Byrne, Robert Matthew
1943 1957 Tommy Byrne, Thomas Joseph
2000 2004 Eric Byrnes, Eric James
1906 1906 Jim Byrnes, James Joseph
1943 1945 Milt Byrnes, Milton John
1980 1985 Marty Bystrom, Martin Eugene



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