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"I was monogamous at a time when a lot of my friends were not. I was never one to hip around, to date this girl on Friday and that girl on Saturday… Sex wasn't something that was a main interest to me, either."
--Steve Garvey, San Diego Padres first baseman - 3 years before the sex scandal

The OS Directory of Players

The OS Directory of Players

1975 1975 Ozzie Osborn, Danny Leon
1925 1931 Bob Osborn, John Bode
1907 1909 Fred Osborn, Wilferd Pearl
1992 2004 Donovan Osborne, Donovan Alan
1922 1925 Tiny Osborne, Earnest Preston
1890 1890 Fred Osborne, Frederick W.
1957 1963 Bobo Osborne, Lawrence Sidney
1935 1936 Wayne Osborne, Wayne Harold
1974 1975 Pat Osburn, Larry Patrick
1944 1944 Charlie Osgood, Charles Benjamin
1996 2004 Keith Osik, Keith Richard
1962 1970 Dan Osinski, Daniel
1904 1908 Harry Ostdiek, Henry Girard
1957 1975 Claude Osteen, Claude Wilson
1903 1909 Champ Osteen, James Champlin
1965 1970 Darrell Osteen, Milton Darrell
1914 1914 Fred Ostendorf, Frederick K.
1954 1954 Bill Oster, William Charles
1921 1921 Red Ostergard, Roy Lund
1879 1879 Charlie Osterhout, Charles H.
1934 1948 Fritz Ostermueller, Frederick Raymond
2001 2002 Jimmy Osting, James Michael
1973 1973 Brian Ostrosser, Brian Leonard
1943 1950 Johnny Ostrowski, John Thaddeus
1948 1952 Joe Ostrowski, Joseph Paul
1990 1996 Al Osuna, Alfonso
1995 2004 Antonio Osuna, Antonio Pedro
2001 2004 Roy Oswalt, Roy Edward



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