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"…and Kansas City is at Chicago tonight, or is that Chicago at Kansas City? Well, no matter, Kansas City leads in the eighth, four to four."
--Jerry Coleman, San Diego Padres announcer

The SL Directory of Players

The SL Directory of Players

1930 1935 Gordon Slade, Gordon Leigh
1884 1884 Art Sladen, Arthur W.
1899 1908 Jimmy Slagle, James Franklin
1891 1891 John Slagle, John A.
1979 1979 Roger Slagle, Roger Lee
1910 1910 Walt Slagle, Walter Jennings
1911 1918 Cy Slapnicka, Cyril Charles
1920 1920 John Slappey, John Henry
1971 1986 Jim Slaton, James Michael
1901 1909 Jack Slattery, John Terrence
1884 1891 Mike Slattery, Michael J.
1915 1915 Phil Slattery, Philip Ryan
1982 1997 Don Slaught, Donald Martin
1910 1910 Barney Slaughter, Byron Atkins
1938 1959 Enos Slaughter, Enos Bradsher
1964 1964 Sterling Slaughter, Sterling Feore
1926 1926 Scottie Slayback, Elbert
1972 1974 Bill Slayback, William Grover
1928 1928 Steve Slayton, Foster Herbert
1950 1958 Lou Sleater, Louis Mortimer
2004 2004 Terrmel Sledge, Terrmel
1944 1944 Bruce Sloan, Bruce Adams
1913 1919 Tod Sloan, Yale Yeastman
1948 1949 Lefty Sloat, Dwain Clifford
1969 1971 Ron Slocum, Ronald Reece
1991 2000 Heathcliff Slocumb, Heath
1991 2001 Joe Slusarski, Joseph Andrew



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