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"It's like the Kennedy assissination. Everyone I see comes up and tells me where they were and what they were doing when (Kirk) Gibson hit that home run."
--Dennis Eckersley, on giving up the game winning HR in the 1988 World Series

The ZA Directory of Players

The ZA Directory of Players

1945 1949 Adrian Zabala, Adrian (Rodriguez)
1913 1915 Zip Zabel, George Washington
1944 1944 Chink Zachary, Albert Myron
1918 1936 Tom Zachary, Jonathan Thompson Walton
1963 1973 Chris Zachary, William Christopher
1910 1910 Elmer Zacher, Elmer Henry
1976 1985 Pat Zachry, Patrick Paul
1911 1912 George Zackert, George Carl
1973 1985 Geoff Zahn, Geoffrey Clayton
1894 1895 Fred Zahner, Frederick Joseph
1923 1929 Paul Zahniser, Paul Vernon
1944 1946 Frankie Zak, Frank Thomas
1903 1903 Jack Zalusky, John Francis
2001 2004 Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Alberto
1993 1994 Eddie Zambrano, Eduardo Jose (Guerra)
2001 2004 Victor Zambrano, Victor Manuel
1913 1913 Carl Zamloch, Carl Eugene
1974 1978 Oscar Zamora, Oscar Jose (Sosa)
1958 1966 Dom Zanni, Dominick Thomas
1933 1933 Joe Zapustas, Joseph John
1945 1945 Jose Zardon, Jose Antonio (Sanchez)
1943 1953 Al Zarilla, Allen Lee
1984 1984 Jeff Zaske, Lloyd Jeffrey
1951 1959 Norm Zauchin, Norbert Henry
1995 2004 Greg Zaun, Gregory Owen
1989 1989 Clint Zavaras, Clinton Wayne
1886 1886 William Zay, William



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