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Herb Hutson Herb Hutson
Full name: George Herbert Hutson
Born: July 17, 1949, Savannah, Georgia
First Game: April 10, 1974; Final Game: September 29, 1974
Bat: Right Throw: Right Height: 6' 2" Weight: 205
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Herb Hutson
Top Performances 
Batter Matchups
Batting RecordBatting Record
Year Team                  G    AB    R    H  2B  3B  HR  RBI   BB IBB   SO HBP  SH  SF  XI ROE GDP   SB  CS   AVG   OBP   SLG   BFW Year TeamTeam
1974 CHI N Daily Splits   20     2    0    0   0   0   0    0    0   0    1   0   0   0   0   1   0    0   0  .000  .000  .000   0.0 1974 CHI N

Pitching RecordPitching Record
Year Team                  G  GS  CG SHO  GF  SV   IP      H   BFP  HR    R   ER   BB  IB   SO  SH  SF  WP HPB  BK  2B  3B GDP ROE   W   L    ERA    PW Year Team
1974 CHI N Daily Splits   20   2   0   0  11   0   28.2   24   126   3   15   11   15   1   22   3   4   2   1   0   5   1   3   4   0   2   3.45   0.0 1974 CHI N

Fielding RecordFielding Record
Year Team        POS    G   GS   CG   INN      PO    A  ERR   DP  TP   PB   CS   SB  PkO   AVG
1974 CHI N Daily   P   20    2    0    28.2     1    2    0    0   0    0    0    2    0 1.000

Selected by Baltimore Orioles in the 12th round of the free-agent draft (June 4,

Selected by Chicago Cubs from Baltimore Orioles in the Rule 5 major league draft (December 3, 1973).

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