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My brother Bob and I are the only siblings to each throw no hitters in the majors.

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The 1879 League Leaders

The 1879 League Leaders

NL Batting
G                             PA                            AB                            
85  Hines PRO                 417 Hines PRO                 409 Hines PRO                 
85  McGeary PRO               401 Wright PRO                388 Wright PRO                
85  Wright PRO                384 Jones BOS                 379 Peters CHI                
84  3 players                 381 Hotaling CIN              374 McGeary PRO               

R                             H                             2B                            
85  Jones BOS                 146 Hines PRO                 31  Eden CLE                  
81  Hines PRO                 126 O'Rourke PRO              25  Dalrymple CHI             
79  Wright PRO                120 Kelly CIN                 25  Hines PRO                 
78  Kelly CIN                 112 Jones BOS                 25  York PRO                  

3B                            HR                            RBI                           
14  Dickerson CIN             9   Jones BOS                 62  Jones BOS                 
13  Williamson CHI            6   O'Rourke BOS              62  O'Rourke BOS              
12  Kelly CIN                 4   Brouthers TRO             57  Dickerson CIN             
11  O'Rourke BOS              3   Eden CLE                  55  McVey CIN                 

BB                            SO                            BAVG                          
29  Jones BOS                 56  Galvin BUF                .357 Hines PRO                
24  Williamson CHI            56  W. White CIN              .348 O'Rourke PRO             
19  York PRO                  45  M. Mansell SYR            .348 Kelly CIN                
16  Barnes CIN                44  Flint CHI                 .341 O'Rourke BOS             
16  Richardson BUF                                                                        

OBP                           SLG                           Low BAVG                      
.371 O'Rourke PRO             .521 O'Rourke BOS             .136 W. White CIN             
.369 Hines PRO                .510 Jones BOS                .174 Strief CLE               
.367 Jones BOS                .493 Kelly CIN                .198 Gerhardt CIN             
.363 Kelly CIN                .482 Hines PRO                .203 Carpenter SYR            

Low OBP                       Low SLG                       BFW                           
.153 W. White CIN             .156 W. White CIN             3.9 Kelly CIN                 
.204 Strief CLE               .205 Holbert SYR-TRO          3.6 Jones BOS                 
.206 Gerhardt CIN             .208 Strief CLE               3.3 Williamson CHI            
.208 Holbert SYR-TRO          .226 Carpenter SYR            3.2 Hines PRO                 

NL Pitching
G                             GS                            CG                            
76  W. White CIN              75  W. White CIN              75  W. White CIN              
70  Ward PRO                  66  Galvin BUF                65  Galvin BUF                
66  Galvin BUF                64  Bond BOS                  59  Bond BOS                  
64  Bond BOS                  60  McCormick CLE             59  McCormick CLE             
                              60  Ward PRO                                                

SHO                           GF                            SV                            
11  Bond BOS                  10  Ward PRO                  1   Mathews PRO               
6   Galvin BUF                4   Foley BOS                 1   Ward PRO                  
5   McCormick SYR             4   McCormick SYR                                           
4   Larkin CHI                3   Purcell SYR-CIN                                         
4   W. White CIN                                                                          

W                             L                             IP                            
47  Ward PRO                  40  Bradley TRO               680   W. White CIN            
43  Bond BOS                  40  McCormick CLE             593   Galvin BUF              
43  W. White CIN              33  McCormick SYR             587   Ward PRO                
37  Galvin BUF                31  W. White CIN              555.1 Bond BOS                

H                             HR                            R                             
676 W. White CIN              12  Bradley TRO               404 W. White CIN              
590 Bradley TRO               10  W. White CIN              361 Bradley TRO               
585 Galvin BUF                8   Bond BOS                  308 McCormick CLE             
582 McCormick CLE             5   Larkin CHI                299 Galvin BUF                
                              5   Ward PRO                                                

ER                            BB                            SO                            
154 Bradley TRO               74  McCormick CLE             239 Ward PRO                  
152 McCormick SYR             68  W. White CIN              232 W. White CIN              
150 Galvin BUF                42  Mitchell CLE              197 McCormick CLE             
150 W. White CIN              36  Ward PRO                  155 Bond BOS                  

WP                            ERA                              High ERA                         
49  W. White CIN              1.96 Bond BOS                 3.78 Purcell SYR-CIN          
43  Bradley TRO               1.99 W. White CIN             3.28 Mitchell CLE             
34  Purcell SYR-CIN           2.15 Ward PRO                 2.99 McCormick SYR            
31  McCormick SYR             2.22 Salisbury TRO            2.85 Bradley TRO              

4.1 Bond BOS                  
2.7 Ward PRO                  
2.5 Galvin BUF                
0.6 McCormick CLE             



Total Baseball: The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia by John Thorn, et al.
2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia by Gary Gillette (Editor), Pete Palmer (Editor).

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