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I hit a homer off Ron Darling in game 3 of the NLCS in 1986, the same year I finished 11th in NL MVP voting for my solid play at 2B.

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1957 Baseball Broadcasters & Networks

This is a team-by-team listing of the networks and announcers who broadcast games during the 1957 season. You can view announcers for any season using the Broadcasters by Year tool on the right.

Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles
Radio WBAL Ernie Harwell
Radio WBAL Herb Carneal
Radio WBAL Larry Ray

Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox
Radio WHDH Bill Crowley
Radio WHDH Bob Murphy
Radio WHDH Curt Gowdy
TV WHDH Bill Crowley
TV WBZ Bob Murphy
TV WBZ Curt Gowdy

Brooklyn Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers
Radio WMGM Al Helfer
Radio WMGM Jerry Doggett
Radio WMGM Vin Scully
TV WOR Al Helfer
TV WOR Jerry Doggett
TV WOR Vin Scully

Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs
Radio WIND Gene Elston
Radio WIND Jack Quinlan
Radio WIND Milo Hamilton
TV WGN Jack Brickhouse
TV WGN Vincent Lloyd

Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox
Radio WCFL Bob Elson
Radio WCFL Don Wells
TV WGN Jack Brickhouse
TV WGN Vince Lloyd

Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds
Radio WKRC Jack Moran
Radio WKRC Waite Hoyt
TV WLW George Bryson

Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians
Radio WERE Bob Neal
Radio WERE Jimmy Dudley
TV WEWS Jim Britt
TV WEWS Ken Coleman

Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers
Radio WKMH Mel Ott
Radio WKMH Van Patrick
TV WJBK Van Patrick

Kansas City Athletics Kansas City Athletics
Radio KMBC Ed Edwards
Radio KMBC Merle Harmon

Milwaukee Braves Milwaukee Braves
Radio WEMP, WTMJ Blaine Walsh
Radio WEMP, WTMJ Earl Gillespie

New York Giants New York Giants
Radio WMCA Bob Delaney
Radio WMCA Jim Woods
Radio WMCA Russ Hodges
TV WPIX Bob Delaney
TV WPIX Jim Woods
TV WPIX Russ Hodges

New York Yankees New York Yankees
Radio WINS Mel Allen
Radio WINS Phil Rizzuto
Radio WINS Red Barber
TV WPIX Mel Allen
TV WPIX Phil Rizzuto
TV WPIX Red Barber

Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
Radio WIP Byrum Saam
Radio WIP Claude Haring
Radio WIP Gene Kelly
TV WRCV/WFIL Claude Haring

Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
Radio KDKA Bob Prince
Radio KDKA Dick Bingham
Radio KDKA Paul Long
TV KDKA Bob Prince

St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
Radio KMOX Harry Caray
Radio KMOX Jack Buck
Radio KMOX Joe Garagiola
TV KTVI Harry Caray
TV KTVI Jack Buck
TV KTVI Joe Garagiola

Washington Nationals Washington Nationals
Radio WWDC Bob Woolf
Radio WWDC Chuck Thompson
TV WTTG Bob Woof
TV WTTG Chuck Thompson

The information above was compiled by the late Doug Pappas, SABR Business of Baseball Committee.

Broadcaster References

Golden Voices of Baseball by Ted Patterson
Voices of Summer: Ranking Baseball's 101 All-time Best Announcers by Curt Smith
And The Fans Roared: The Sports Broadcasts That Kept Us on the Edge of Our Seats by Joe Garner
And The Crowd Goes Wild: Relive the Most Celebrated Sports Events Ever Broadcast by Joe Garner
The Storytellers: From Mel Allen to Bob Costas, 60 Years of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth  by Curt Smith
How About That! The Life of Mel Allen by Stephen Borelli
Where's Harry? Steve Stone Remembers 25 Years with Harry Caray by Steve Stone

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