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"Well, folks, that's the greatest opening in the history of television, bar none… We're still here. We are still, as (far as) we can tell, on the air and I guess you are hearing us even though we have no picture and no return audio. And we will be back, we hope, from San Francisco in just a moment."
--Al Michaels, broadcasting the pregame during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

Payrolls by Year

2001 Baseball Payrolls

This is a team-by-team payroll listings for the 2001 season. The league per-player average was $2,205,275 and the average team payroll was $63,541,750. You can also view figures for 2000 or 2002 and individual player salaries here. Other financial information is available for many seasons using the tool on the right.

1 New York Yankees  $3,541,674   $109,791,893 
2 Boston Red Sox  $3,423,716   $109,558,908 
3 Los Angeles Dodgers  $3,757,964   $108,980,952 
4 New York Mets  $3,327,658   $93,174,428 
5 Cleveland Indians  $3,065,833   $91,974,979 
6 Atlanta Braves  $2,962,958   $91,851,587 
7 Texas Rangers  $2,854,981   $88,504,421 
8 Arizona Diamondbacks  $2,900,233   $81,206,513 
9 St. Louis Cardinals  $2,664,512   $77,270,855 
10 Toronto Blue Jays  $2,707,089   $75,798,500 
11 Seattle Mariners  $2,701,875   $75,652,500 
12 Baltimore Orioles  $2,497,460   $72,426,328 
13 Colorado Rockies  $2,632,148   $71,068,000 
14 Chicago Cubs  $2,462,147   $64,015,833 
15 San Francisco Giants  $2,345,654   $63,332,667 
16 Chicago White Sox  $2,309,741   $62,363,000 
17 Houston Astros  $2,236,395   $60,382,667 
18 Tampa Bay Devil Rays  $2,035,245   $54,951,602 
19 Pittsburgh Pirates  $1,699,946   $52,698,333 
20 Detroit Tigers  $1,779,685   $49,831,167 
21 Anaheim Angels  $1,502,199   $46,568,180 
22 Cincinnati Reds  $1,739,534   $45,227,882 
23 Milwaukee Brewers  $1,595,901   $43,089,333 
24 Philadelphia Phillies  $1,602,468   $41,664,167 
25 San Diego Padres  $1,419,745   $38,333,117 
26 Kansas City Royals  $1,229,069   $35,643,000 
27 Florida Marlins  $1,183,472   $35,504,167 
28 Montreal Expos  $1,159,150   $34,774,500 
29 Oakland Athletics  $1,252,250   $33,810,750 
30 Minnesota Twins  $901,952   $24,350,000 
Source: Associated Press April 4, 2001.

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