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"I don't think a manager should be judged by whether he wins the pennant, but by whether he gets the most out of the twenty-five men he's been given."
--Chuck Tanner, Pittsburgh Pirates manager
1990 Pittsburgh Pirates 1990 Pittsburgh Pirates
Record 95-67 .586
Game Log / Splits
Transactions / Uniforms
Roster/Stats (alphabetic)
Roster/Stats (by position)
Year by Year Results
Franchise History
Standings Won the NL East
Pythagorean 93-69, 93-69, 93-69
Runs (S/A) 733 / 619
PostseasonLost NLCS 4-2 to Cincinnati Reds
BallparkThree Rivers Stadium
Park FactorsBatting: 96 / Pitching: 95
Attendance2,049,908 (6th) (13th)
Payroll/Avg$15,550,000 / $592,390 (17th)
OpExp/$PV$41,800,000 / $440,000
Rev/OpInc$41,100,000 / -$700,000
Spring TrainingBradenton, Florida (McKechnie Field)
ManagerJim Leyland
CoachesGene Lamont, Milt May, Ray Miller, Rich Donnelly, Tommy Sandt
ExecutivesChairman/CEO: Douglas D. Danforth, President: Carl Barger, General Manager: Larry Doughty
Minor Leagues(AAA) Buffalo Bisons, (AA) Harrisburg Senators, (A) Augusta Pirates, (A) Welland Pirates, (A) Salem Buccaneers
Radio (KDKA) Jim Rooker, Kent Derdivanis, Larry Frattare, Steve Blass
TV (KDKA) Jim Rooker, Kent Derdivanis, Larry Frattare, Steve Blass
Cable TV (KBL) Jim Rooker, Kent Derdivanis, Larry Frattare, Steve Blass

The 1990 Pittsburgh Pirates went 95-67 and finished 1st in the National League East. The Pirates drew 2,049,908 to Three Rivers Stadium. Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and Neal Heaton made the All-Star team. Doug Drabek was honored with the Cy Young award. Barry Bonds won the National League Most Valuable Player award. Gold Glove winners for 1990 included Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke.

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