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Fort Wayne Kekiongas History

By Patrick Mondout

The Kekionga Base-Ball Club of Fort Wayne (or "Fort Wayne Kekiongas") were a short-lived franchise in the National Association (NA). The team represented Fort Wayne, Indiana and participated in the first ever Major League game.

At a glance...
Franchise Facts
Established 1868
Disbanded  1871
Located Fort Wayne, Indiana
Executives George Mayers
Year by Year Results
W L %
1871  7 12 .368
NABBP (1868-1870)
National Association (1871)
NA Titles (0)
Kekionga of Fort Wayne (1871)
Kekionga Base Ball Grounds (1871)
Top Performances

The team was founded as an amateur team in the old NABBP in 1868, but were never a very good team and it is remarkable that they should hold a relatively important sport in the history of the sport.

The 1870 team was a bit of a joke. They traveled from town to town getting whacked by the local nines and then went home, waited a week or so, and then sent out telegrams saying that they had "reorganized" before heading out for another beating. The March 10, 1871 Chicago Tribune therefore delighted in reporting that the Kekiongas had announced that they had "reorganized" and that they "now feel confident of holding their position among the first clubs of the country during the upcoming season."

The only notable requirement for a team to join the National Association was a $10 entry fee, and hence an obscure and soon-to-be-disbanded team from a small town managed to secure a permanent place in the history of the sport.

The team, which had been made up primarily of former members of the 1870 Maryland Club of Baltimore (C Bill Lennon, P Bobby Mathews, 3B Tom Carey, SS Wally Goldsmith, and CF Ed Mincher), started out strong enough. The Kekionga won the first ever major league game on May 4, 1871 against the Forest Citys of Cleveland. Unfortunately it was one of only seven victories the team would claim before dropping out of the NA.

Former Philadelphia Athletic Jim Foran was the hitting star on the team, leading the Kekionga in just about every offensive category. Despite only being 23 years old, he was never heard from again.

Those interested in the history of baseball in Fort Wayne should check out Chad Gramling's definitive book, Baseball in Fort Wayne and our page on a ballpark in Fort Wayne that was used by the 1902 Cleveland Blues (now known as the Indians).

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--Patrick Mondout



The 1871 Kekiongas, featuring Bobby Mathews.

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